Updates on the kitten (Jaclyn Lim Chooi Li’s)

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Let’s hope the kitten continues to improve under the care of Jaclyn.

From: Jaclyn Lim
Date: Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 12:35 PM
Subject: Re: A weak kitten
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

No diarrhea but I worry cos there is no bowel movement since Sat. Is it because she has no really solids?
I have tagged MDDB, KLPR, Petsfinder as well as circulate amongst friends and family. I am ok to take care of her because my boss has been so kind to suggest that I bring her to my workplace but she has to be confined in a cage in one of the empty rooms.
I had been feeding her diluted wet food with a pinch of glucose powder via the syringe every 3 hours. Every hour I feed her water.
Her meds still have 3 dose left. The vet said there is no need to feed meds again once this bottle is finish. Thereafter she has to fight for survival.
My task is just to ensure she is not dehydrated.
This morning, one of my dog somehow managed to wriggle her way thru my leg and nearly bite the poor kitty. This kitty had been attracting flies which I worry they may contaminate her water and slight wet food which I had placed on a saucer just in case she wants to eat on her own.
Dr Chan, I noticed her tummy is bulging and hard. Is this normal?
mini-jaclyn kitten
We have already shared our link for nursing infant animals: http://myanimalcare.org/fosterrehome/. We hope it helps. From our link:

In nursing infant animals, it is important to check for dehydration by doing the pinch-test. Pinch the skin on the scruff and let go. If it takes a long time for the skin to bounce back, this may indicate dehydration. If the animal is severely dehydrated, a vet’s immediately attention is needed. 

3. Urination & Defecation
If the kitten/puppy cannot urinate or defecate by itself, massage the kitten/puppy’s tummy and private parts with a wet, warm cotton pad to stimulate urination/defecation. Baby animals sometimes may not defecate every day if the milk is adequately absorbed, but they must urinate every day. If they do not, please take them to the vet immediately. 

4 comments to Updates on the kitten (Jaclyn Lim Chooi Li’s)

  • Joy E. Saga

    Jaclyn, your boss is a wonderful and kind person. I know not of any boss who would allow you to bring animals to care for in the office.

  • Jaclyn Lim

    Yes I have a nice boss who loves animals like me.

    I have just cried my heart out when I was cleaning the room Kitty had been sleeping in. I still ask myself if I may have over fed her with water that had caused her tummy bulging.

    Vet said she has no constipation but just lots of fluid retention. Her worry if the retention is due to her abdomen that may had been ruptured. As she was on the street, she may have been hit by a vehicle.

    I have told the vet to do whatever necessary to keep kitty alive. But the vet said survival chance is slim for a weak kitten.

    Please all pray for kitty to pull through!

  • Jaclyn Lim

    Dear all,

    It is sad day for me. My Kitty didn’t pull through. She passed away peacefully this morning at the hospital. Thank you all for your prayers and advice.

    May Kitty find love and home in God’s land.