Pet World 2013 at MidValley Mall!

Day One

Connie and I arrived at 8.15am and Joy was already there waiting for us. Being a Friday, it was hard to get volunteers, luckily Joy volunteered.


This year, we had a nice booth.

We would like to thank the organisers again for giving us a free booth to promote our work and share our cause.


We were opposite Avant Pet. This year, they were introducing their new food, Merrick and also the much-awaited Primal Freeze-Dried, which wasn’t supposed to be sold yet, but the demand was so good, they decided to sell it at the fair!

The highlight of the day for us is…


Floppity the Purple Bunny got adopted!!


Lester and Tracy arrived after school and set up their little table to sell their badges.


For the young and trendy Gen-Y crowd.


Friday’s crowd was the expected moderate crowd.

But…we sold out all our soaps by afternoon!

We had time to browse and managed to get some good buys for our pets.

Day Two

The drive to MidValley Mall today, being Saturday, was a breeze. No jam at all.


Chun Eng and Connie.


With Lester and Terry.

Terry is proudly wearing the one and only Sports Pink (specially ordered for him!).


The place was soon abuzz with people.


A Great Dane decides to sit in the talk about good nutrition for dogs!


Rescuer and TNRM-er Koo drops in.

mini-CIMG6366 mini-CIMG6367

This little boy decides to adopt the Japanese Girl! He says it’s for his pet cat to play with.


Mum tells him all about rescuing stray animals.


The storekeeper, the stockist and the cashier-banker for the day!


And…we have a surprise visit from a very, very special guest!


It’s Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm!!

So very kind of his family to bring him to visit.

Hi, Oreo!!!!  It’s so nice to finally meet you and your family!


A doggie visitor!


The doggie listens attentively to the talk on good nutrition.


The meeting of great minds at our booth.


The Saturday crowd was good despite the Merbok Rally and a Korean rock concert tonight.


Black Bear 505 is still available for adoption. His Japanese Girl friend has already been adopted by the little boy.


Lester and his badges.

mini-CIMG6382 mini-CIMG6383

Tracy joined us later in the evening.


This Filipino couple came to say hello. We helped subsidised the neutering of two dogs whom they had adopted.

Another lady stopped by to say how much the book “Do We have a Choice” had changed her life for the better. She feels empathy and compassion for the stray animals now, and having abstained from eating meat for two meals per day, her skin problem has miraculously disappeared! Several other people also stopped to tell me about how some of my books had impacted favourably on them. Many were blog readers who came over to say hello and introduce themselves. It’s really nice to put a face to their names now when we next write emails.


Another doggie visitor.


The latest hotcakes on the market!


Hot from the oven, and sold out!

mini-CIMG6390 mini-CIMG6391

An ardent blog follower.


Still no adopter for the little Black Bear.

The organiser suddenly extended the closing time to 9.45pm, so we stayed behind longer than yesterday.

It was a great day for sales and donations – thank you for visiting, everyone.

Tomorrow will be Day 3!


Today, it’s just Connie and me.


Today was the busiest day.


It was almost a mob at the entrance as the day wore on.


Our buntings did the education bit too.


How sweet! This little boy insisted that his mum also wore her AnimalCare tshirt!


Mother and son strike a pretty pose/

mini-CIMG6442 mini-CIMG6443

Thank you very much!


Connie and a young visitor.


A pug in a skirt!



Many of our visitors were blog readers. It was really so nice of them to drop in and say hello.

mini-CIMG6447 mini-CIMG6448

Another silent blog reader.

mini-CIMG6450 mini-CIMG6453

A cat visitor.




Photography time and the star is a canine friend!


I’m waiting for this new catfood to arrive. It’s expected so in a few weeks’ time.
It’s holistic, wholesome and best of all – very palatable!


Our last visitors for the day were from Kulai, Johor! Their mum is a blog reader. They took many books back to give to their friends and their school library.

It’s been a very tiring three days but it was well-spent meeting up and speaking with so many people, sharing our cause and our work. There were those who already know what we do, and those who have not heard about our subsidies before but were glad we have such a service as they are ardent feeders and rescuers of stray animals. This gives us more opportunities to reach out further and help more caregivers.

We wish to thank the organisers of Pet World 2013, for giving us a free booth this year and thus giving us this wonderful opportunity to share what we do with so many visitors.

Thank you, everyone, for visiting us and supporting our cause!

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  • Jasmine

    Dear Sister Kah Yein,

    Thank you for your great sharing, as always.

    And oooh … the gorgeous Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm! <3 with his lovely family 🙂