In loving memory of Buzz

Buzz was a rescued female cat, diagnosed with diaphragmatic hernia when she was brought to be spayed. The spaying was aborted when she went into cynotic state after the administering of the anaesthesia.

An operation to repair the hernia could not be done and was far too risky as Buzz seemed to react to anaesthesia. So her caregiver, Sumitra Siew, decided she would adopt and look after Buzz and manage Buzz’ diaphragmatic hernia by preventing Buzz from jumping, falling or knocking into objects. That was in April 2011.

Sumitra gave Buzz a lifetime of love, joy and kindness.

This morning, I received a text message from Sumitra saying that Buzz had passed on peacefully after breakfast, at about 7am.

Below are some photos to celebrate Buzz’ wonderful life and Sumitra’s dedicated caring for Buzz.

We convey our deepest condolences to Sumitra for her loss and we wish Buzz a safe journey to the happy place that all animals go to after they have finished their tour on earth.

Thank you, Sumitra, for taking such good care of Buzz.

Image0381 Kah Yein w Buzz

At the clinic in April 2011.

Happy memories of Buzz:

Buzz4 Buzz5 Buzz7

Life never dies, and love never dies.

Life never dies, although we live
In midst of change and death,
Only the forms shall pass away,
And not the spirit’s breath.

The consciousness can never die,
Although it seems to fade,
It doth but pass to other forms,
Which thoughts and acts have made.

“There is no death” all nature cries,
The rose will reappear,
Its petal will more perfect be,
After the winter drear.

The tiny bird that lifeless falls,
A victim to its prey,
Returns again in higher forms,
Upon its upward way.

From life to life more high and free
The myriads forms evolve,
O may we learn to know the truth
This mighty riddle solve.