Kelly & Jacinta’s Shelter in Tanjung Rambutan and their facebook page

We started helping Kelly & Jacinta in 2011 because a friend from Ipoh told us about their work and Kelly herself called me to ask for financial assistance as she was in dire straits at that time. That was before we had policies in place.

Some months back, our committee decided that we have to follow strictly to our policies of only helping individual needy (and responsible) caregivers and not groups, shelters or organisations. Hence, we explained this to Kelly and Jacinta and told them we will help them become independent.

We have since then done the following:

1. Helped settled their petstore bills (only for the purchase of dogfood) and vet bills: Thank you all donors and Mr Kok!

2. Sourced donors who were willing to help them financially: Thank you, Mr Kok and anonymous donors!

3. Sourced help to start a Facebook page for them: Thank you, Kerry Fan!

4. Sourced hands-on help for them at the sanctuary: Thank you, Yvonne!

Presently, their Facebook page is up and running: Their latest case is that of Poppy, a dog who just had surgery to remove a cancerous growth from his ear.

We have informed Kelly and Jacinta that our policies no longer allow us to help shelters. We have also urged Jacinta to manage their facebook page so that those who wish to help them are updated on their latest news and needs. Kelly informed us that she has a friend who can help her with Facebook too.

We wish Kelly and Jacinta all the best in the running of their shelter.

We also wish to inform all applicants that our funds are ONLY for individual needy caregivers subject to our policies, not for shelters, established groups, organisation or those who are able to raise funds on their own. Shelters have many animals and it will drain our funds very quickly if we channeled help to them.

Our funds are open to NEEDY and RESPONSIBLE individual caregivers of street animals.

NEEDY = Those who have no means of raising funds on their own.
Individual = Those who work alone and do not belong to any group, shelter or organisation. 

The animals who qualify for our subsidy: Street (stray) animals. 

Our funds are NOT open to:
1. pet-owners who apply for their pets
2. animal welfare organisations, groups, shelters and their key members
3. animal caregivers who have the means to raise/source their own funds