Sometimes…(Part 2)


The story continues…

I received a late night text message asking when we will be giving the lady the money for the cat’s treatment. But we have not received a photo or write-up or any receipt whatsoever. I replied asking the lady to please read our policies (already sent) and that all applicants must follow procedures. She claimed the photo had already been sent to me, but I have not received any at all.

I’m a little surprised that despite badmouthing us, she is still applying.

I remember two times in the past where two people applied, one for neutering subsidy at Kembiri and another for medical treatment. Both insisted that we forward them the money first, only then will they send us the receipt. When I replied that we could not do that , of course, I got scolded, ie. “How do you expect me to pay if you don’t give me the money first?”

And so…again, I am deeply thankful that this only happens SOMETIMES.






2 responses to “Sometimes…(Part 2)”

  1. Jasmine

    Dear Sis Kah Yein,

    I just read this blog post and the related one. Some people never fail to amaze me! I feel sad for these nonsensical, self-centred people that you have to deal with. They behave as though the world owes them a living! And I believe these are only some of the cases which you publish in your blog post. These people are really a waste of your time.

    These difficult people that you want to help in their applications never realise that they probably will never get anyone as kind and as nice as you again! They just do not know how to appreciate, be grateful for all that is given and they basically just take you and your good nature for granted.

    One word of advice to these type of applicants – If you feel AnimalCare is not good enough for you, please bring your application elsewhere. Better still, set up your own animal charity and then you know how challenging it is to run one. “Jangan menyusahkan orang” just because you want things your selfish way, to your convenience with no regards to others.

    Dr Chan is already giving you the best of her time and services, promptly and efficiently. She’s working with limitations too. Just follow AnimalCare Policies and Procedures. It’s NOT difficult at all. And the Policies are written clearly in plain, simple English.


    1. chankahyein

      Thanks, Jasmine. Yes, I don’t highlight all of these cases. Only sometimes, but luckily, we also only get them sometimes!