Please ONLY use standard sized (WHITE) envelopes with 60 sen stamps, keep to the deadline, use the correct address, etc.


I have to repeat this again as I have been getting application forms posted in non-standard, non-white envelopes, sometimes with less than 60 sen stamps. This will result in:

1. Me, the recipient, getting taxed.

2. Your mail arriving late because you did not comply with the requirements of Pos Malaysia.


Postal charges is a minimum of 60 sen, not 30 sen.
The Air Mail envelope above is non-standard (which will require at least an 80 sen stamp).

Then, there are also application forms sent to my old address – I will not be able to get your forms. If you have contacted me years ago and have kept the old forms, kindly go to the website and download the new forms. Change happens. That’s the way life is.

In short, please do the following:

1. Use only white envelopes which are approximately 24cmX11.4cm.

2. Put at least 60 sen stamps. If you think it exceeds the minimum weight, please have it weighed and kindly put enough stamps. Me getting taxed is one thing, more importantly, your mail will be delayed and you’ll miss the deadline especially if you delay posting your application until the last minute (happens VERY often, I don’t know why, though).

Please allow me to digress on this. I don’t understand why people must procrastinate and delay doing things until the very last minute. Do they get a thrill out of it?

For those who have been applying for our funds, you know how fast I work. You are reimbursed within the very day that I receive your application as long as all documentations are in place.

So, why do YOU have to procrastinate in posting me the application when I don’t procrastinate in giving you money?

Everyone has 24 hours in a day.

Sorry to vent, but I find this behaviour extremely unacceptable. In college, I give a flat zero to students who pass up their quizzes or tests late or those who refuse to put down their pens when time is up. There is no excuse except for a clearly defiant and disrespectful attitude of challenging rules OR being plainly lackadaisical.

3. Please read our policies when they are sent to you.

4. Please use the correct address to which to post the form to. Some people are still sending the form to my old address. If you do that, your form won’t reach me in time. Or, it might not even reach me at all.

5. If you make an application, could you please follow-up quickly and not delay? Some people delay sending the form until after 3 months by which time, I would have deleted your email and photos. We have a 2-week deadline which we follow. 2 weeks means 14 days, not 15 or 16. There is no grace period. Malaysian “rubber time” is not something to be proud of. If we can extend “14 days” to “15 days or 16 days”, why not extend it to “20 days or 30 days”. Why even bother having a deadline in the first place if the deadline is not enforced?

We have an applicant who is fashionably and insistently late for all his/her applications. When rejected, he/she asks for leeway and cites, “But I’m very busy, you know…I had no time to post it.”

Yups, we’re busy too. 

But granted, we must give due credit to those who have a habit of mailing late but do NOT insist that we give them leeway because they understand that rules are not meant to be broken. We also must give credit to those who drive all the way to hand us the form making sure that the application gets in on time (knowing it would probably be late if it’s posted).

To solve your problem, why don’t you just use Pos Ekspres – it gets in on the next working day. It’s only RM3 but it ensures your mail gets to us on time unless you post it after 2 weeks, then very sorry, nothing can turn back the clock.

If we are applying for something and we do not follow the rules, we lose.

When a tsunami comes, we run. We cannot delay.

So, please do not procrastinate in doing things. Life is short.

Thank you for letting me vent.

P.S. (since we are on this subject…)

6. Please also fill in the name of your bank and not just give me your bank account number without stating the name of your bank. There are many banks in Malaysia and I cannot keep testing which bank your account is in until I hit the right one. And when I call you to ask for the name of your bank, you do not pick up the call or reply my text. I write you an email, but you do not reply. So, how am I going to bank in the money? Which bank?

7. After you sign the form, please also fill up all other details in the form as per requested. This includes your
(a) profession
(b) IC No
(c) handphone or telephone no (and PLEASE can it be a number that is in use and when I call to ask for the name of your bank, you will pick up?)
(d) email address (which is accessed so that you can receive my emails)
(e) date of application

The details above are not put in the form for decorative purposes, so please fill them up and do not leave them blank.

8. After receiving money from us (you are notified by email with the online transaction receipt), could you be so kind as to just click “Reply” to say you have received the money? It only takes a moment, but it helps me close the application. There is a lot of paper work to be done with each application. I have to close your file. Our expenses are audited.

9. The purpose of sending you the link ( to our policies when you apply for a subsidy is
(a) for you to READ;
(b) so that you understand our procedures, what we can subsidise and what we cannot;
(c) so that you know how to go about with your application and provide us with all the required documentation.
(d) so that you know we have a 2-week deadline.
(e) so that you know the receipt has to be in your name.

So, could you please READ the policies as this would save a lot of time and reduce the unnecessary back-and-forth emailing which will cause delay.






6 responses to “Please ONLY use standard sized (WHITE) envelopes with 60 sen stamps, keep to the deadline, use the correct address, etc.”

  1. Bern

    Deep breath….And hope that ppl understand and will do right next time 🙂

  2. Aaron

    Well said…I’m always surprised that some ppl act like they’re doing you a favour by applying for the subsidy when they should be happy that someone is providing subsidies in return for a little effort on their part.Rather than view it as hindrance, applicants should view it as a cooperative effort by both parties to achieve a common goal.

  3. Connie

    So boys & girls, ladies & gentlemen too, if you say ‘oh! you dunno’; now that you know, can you please follow the above simple instruction and don’t repeat your mistakes/shortcoming. It’s not much to ask for, right?

  4. Jannie

    Dear Dr Chan,

    I am truly amazed about your patience with dealing with these difficult people. I for one would not have entertained their lack of respect and lack of responsibility attitude.

    Why is it so difficult for some people to follow the simple rules requested by AnimalCare? Is it so difficult to use white envelope? Is it so difficult for them to mail the application to you earlier? And is it so difficult to fill the application form correctly? Only one word can describe this people – a lackadaisical attitude.

    These people do not realise that you have taken so much effort to raise funds for the stray animals to provide for their medical needs. These people are basically taking you for granted.

    If I may suggest, Dr Chan, throw the applications from those people who do not follow rules into the dustbin. Don’t stress youself with having to deal with them.

    For those who plead ignorance of the regulations by PosMalaysia, the regulations can be read here:


  5. Jasmine

    Dear Sis Kah Yein,

    No, you are not venting. You have every reason to write this blog post.

    Some people are just so inconsiderate, self-centred and just plain lazy to follow simple rules. They behave as though the world owes them a living!

    These ‘difficult’ people that you want to help in their applications never realise that they probably will never get anyone as kind and as nice as you again! You have been doing an amazing job at AnimalCare, and you have been far too nice to them already!! They just do not know how to appreciate, be grateful for all that is given and they basically just take you and your good nature for granted. Making you go unnecessarily back and forth, back and forth trying to contact them with smses (never reply), calls (never pick up), emails (never reply) just to process ONE simple application and wasting precious time in the process. SIGH!!!

    One word of advice to these type of applicants – If you feel AnimalCare is not good enough for you, please take your application elsewhere. Better still, set up your own animal charity and then you know how challenging it is to run one. “Jangan menyusahkan orang” just because you want things done your way – that is to your convenience and with no regards to others.

    Dr Chan is already giving you the best of her time and services, promptly and efficiently. She’s working with limitations too. Just read and follow AnimalCare Policy and Procedures, DON’T BE LAZY. It’s NOT difficult at all. And the Policies are written clearly in plain, simple English.


    1. chankahyein

      Well yes, if they follow procedures (as MANY do), they get their money on the same day that I receive the application. I’m sure many will testify to this. We’ve been doing this for 4 years, and money is paid out within 24 hours (when all documentation is complete). All we need are the before-after photos, a short write-up, the original receipt and the form with all details filled up. No so hard…I think?