Follow-up medical subsidy for the mange puppies – all adopted! (Lester Hiew Thiam Hock & Jenny Khong Chin Chin’s)

Updates: All 3 puppies adopted!!


The total bill is RM294. We have subsidised 50% which is RM147. This subsidy comes from all donors through our Medical Fund (RM57) and Berjaya Cares (RM90). An additional subsidy of RM100 is from Ti-Ratana Penchala. The total subsidy is RM247.

According to Lester, one of these mange puppies have passed away, suspected of tick fever or distemper. These 3 puppies were treated for cough and diarrhoea (symptoms of distemper) and given their last mange injections (Ivermectin).

If you are interested in giving these puppies a home, please contact Lester directly at his email below.

From: Lester Hiew <>
Date: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 8:26 PM
Subject: RE: Application for 4 puppies (3 females 1 male)
To: “” <>

heyy miss,

this is the reply for the picture updates. as mentioned in the previous email, the cream coloured puppy passed away last Saturday (6/7/13). The vet said it is suspected to be tick fever or distemper.
attached are pictures of the remaining 3 puppies (2 female 1 male) who are ready for adoption already.
thank you very much.
Lester Hiew
mini-Female (Ears Down) (3)
Female 1
mini-Female (Ears Standing) (2)
Female 2
mini-Male (2)