Of White Rabbits and Malaysian rubber time (Part…I’ve lost count!)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/07/05/please-only-use-standard-sized-white-envelopes-with-60-sen-stamps-keep-to-the-deadline-and-use-the-correct-address/

“I”m late! I’m late!” says the White Rabbit, running frantically, holding his clock, in Alice in Wonderland.



Today, we received another late application and the applicant is not a new one. If it is a new one, we will write and ask why and most of the time, if the reason is acceptable, for first-time late applicants, we would reconsider. For example, recently, we had a very late applicant and when asked why, the applicant said she thought it was 2 weeks from the date she contacted us. Granted, we approved her application since it’s her first time. For the sake of the animal.

But today’s applicant is not new to our rules. She has applied before, so we’re sorry, we cannot process a late application. Really, 14 days is enough time to get a letter halfway around the world, you know.

In life, if you WANT to get something done, you will do it. Won’t you?

We also have applicants who are persistently and consistently late for numerous times. Despite us rejecting the application, the applicant continues to submit her application late citing “no time”. We have to reject.

We also have an applicant today who did not fill up the name of the bank. For such cases, we will write back to ask the applicant to resubmit within the 2-week time frame. Fair enough, right? I called to ask for the name of her bank, but she did not pick up the call. I hope she checks her email, because we have another applicant who has not reverted to the email, so his 2-week time frame has passed. What more can we do, right?

So, it would HELP so terribly much if applicants who know they are careless ask a friend or relative to check the form before submitting it to us. Carelessness is not uncommon in humans. Knowing this, please do something about it.

Please do that to save time and effort. We do have other things to do with our lives too.

Thank you ever so much.