The poll results on the Meatless tshirt….(drumroll….!!)


Many thanks to everyone for voting. Your enthusiasm is much appreciated (and we hope that you will be just as enthusiastic in buying the tshirt when it comes out, regardless of the colour!).

And the winner is……..


Army Green

We don’t have a mock-up for this yet, so we’ll have to wait.

But here are the poll results:

Dark Green – 7
Army Green – 26
Orange – 17
Cobalt Blue – 25

Vertical – 28
Horizontal – 21

Please note that the votes came through the comments as well as emails.

But wait…before the army green people celebrate…wait, please.

We now have to ask the supplier to source for the army green dye first. If they cannot find this colour, we have two options: (1) Get the closest possible green OR (2) Go for Cobalt Blue! Ha ha….

So, thank you, everyone, it’s been a lot of fun, actually. It’s nice to know that you are as enthusiastic as we are in making the decision for our next tshirt!

But all credit for this new design and colours go to Ms Erin Lee, the designer for our “Animal are our Friends” tshirt.

Thank you, Erin!







2 responses to “The poll results on the Meatless tshirt….(drumroll….!!)”

  1. Chen

    Yay! If cannot find dye, then do we have to raid the army supplies?!

    1. chankahyein

      Hey….GREAT idea!! We shall get Mr Zurik and his KGB Special Shrew-Squad (also known as the SSS), and oh, I mean Colonel Zurik, ahem…