Dateline: Xalapa, Mexico – Mayoral Elections – Morris the Cat garnered 12,000 votes!


Read this, folks:

An excerpt:

The vote tally was nowhere near large enough to give this feline candidate the mayoral job. But it did place Morris fourth in a field of 11 candidates in the race to run Xalapa, population 420,000. Morris earned more votes than the candidate from Mexico’s most influential left-wing party, the PRD.

The idea of running a cat for mayor was devised a couple months ago by two recent university graduates, who said that they did not identify with any of the city’s human politicians.

On Facebook, the grads joked that Morris would rid the city of its corrupt political “rats” and said that voting for Morris would enable citizens to express their dissatisfaction with the city’s rulers in an election that was already “a joke.”

The cat’s candidacy was hugely popular online, and it prompted disgruntled citizens elsewhere in Mexico to nominate more animals for office.

Can we also nominate dogs and cats in our general elections the next time around? After all, aren’t we tired of voting for rats?