A Primal treat for everyone

Since the Primal Freeze-Dried stock has not arrived yet, I’ve been storing this one pack as treats for everyone.

mini-CIMG7803 mini-CIMG7804

Cleo LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it! Well yes, she loves raw food, so it’s no surprise that she would love Primal. It is BARF nuggets.

mini-CIMG7805 mini-CIMG7806

That’s all you’re giving us?


For some reason, Tabs didn’t want any today.

But Tiger ate up his share today. Previously, he didn’t want any too.


What the inside gets, the outside gets too.

mini-CIMG7809 mini-CIMG7810 mini-CIMG7812

 Mr G liked it too!

I’ve been doing some research on ways to address the obesity problem in cats. I found a testimonial that said he tried the weight management kibbles but it was no good. However, when he fed his (obese) cats Instinct (which is a brand of dried raw food), he managed to address the problem effectively.

I’m hoping it will work for my (fat) cats too!

About Instinct: http://www.naturesvariety.com/products/cat

About Primal: http://www.primalpetfoods.com/product/list/c/14

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