Our books are in Kulai, Johor!

As they say, one thing leads to another…

At the recent Pet World 2013, Shaidatul brought her children to visit us. They had come all the way from Kulai on the last day. Shaidatul and her family helped carry some books back to Kulai for distribution and some were put at Gloria’s Pet Store.

Gloria Ng saw the Chinese part in Here for a Reason and wanted to photocopy that part for distribution. All my books are copyrighted but there is a clause that allows photocopying or reprinting provided the author is informed.

But instead of photocopying, why don’t we just post the books down to Kulai for Gloria to distribute? After all, someone had just sponsored the printing of another 1000 copies in memory of her dog.

So, Antara Optima Sdn Bhd offered to courier one stack of books to Gloria. Thank you very much for this. It saves us postage money!

The books have arrived and according to Shaidatul, they are going fast (which is great news)!

From: Shaidatul’Aini Mohd. Shaari >
Date: Sun, Jul 21, 2013 at 3:35 PM
Subject: Photos of Gloria
To: “chankahyein@gmail.com” <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Dr. Chan,

Attached are photos of Gloria with your books at her shop.  The books are flying off the shelf as we speak.  A kindy teacher asked for 5 copies to be used in her kindergarten.

mini-Gloria with the booksmini-Even her cat endorsed it

 Even Gloria’s cat endorses the book!

It was certainly worth my 3 years’ effort in getting the cartoons drawn and the book translated into Chinese! Yes, it took me only a few weeks to write the book, but 3 years to get the cartoons completed. Drawing is a skill, one which I, unfortunately, do not have! But everything happens for a reason, and because of the 3 years’ waiting period in hunting for a cartoonist to finish the job, I was able to add the second half of the book, thanks to the experience of running AnimalCare!

So, the book is now complete, as completely as I possibly want it to be, in terms of content.

I have also been asked why the book is not translated into BM. Actually it was, and Bernice Chee did the translation. Unfortunately, the contents were not approved by an ustazah, so I was advised not to publish the BM version. The book was meant to be trilingual, actually.

And why no Tamil? I couldn’t find anyone to do it!






2 responses to “Our books are in Kulai, Johor!”

  1. melle

    I’m sure a Tamil/ Hindi version will be the next print. Namaste!

    1. chankahyein

      Someone promised to look for a Tamil translator but did not get back to me.