Are you a cat-maniac?

This was forwarded to me:

cat maniac

Now, let me see…I am NOT guilty of:

a. Messy hair. My hair is always the way it is, even when I’m asleep, so I don’t think it’s messy…
b. Frequently baby-talking. Yikes! I don’t (and have never) baby-talked, not even to my own children, especially in a high pitched voice (that is SO annoying). No, no, never.
c. Oh, I don’t get to sleep with cats anymore these days as Bunny & Friends are confined in Bunny’s Place, but sometimes Vincent sneaks up!

I’m guilty of all the rest!







One response to “Are you a cat-maniac?”

  1. Eleda

    I’m all of the above! My cats are forever babies. Hence, it is necessary to baby-talk to them 😀