No dog (or cat) should die alone – we support senior pet adoption!

Adopt senior pets, folks!

If you have adopted a senior pet (from the shelter, the streets or rescued), please write to us with your story. We want to publicise and promote senior pet adoption.

We know it is so much harder to get senior animals adopted as compared to younger animals, but…

No dog or cat should die alone.

Please consider adopting senior rescued animals.

Spread the message, please!






One response to “No dog (or cat) should die alone – we support senior pet adoption!”

  1. Peggy Quah

    For us we try to make them die at home but the funny thing with animals they want to die away from home, I just cant make out why. We try to make the last few days as comfortable as possible or try to feed them but they can strongly refuse and we watch them in sorrow as fade out. My Cindy drag till a week and I ask her to go in peace if she really have to go and she stood up to rub my on the hand and next morning she had already left. Another one Ebony refuse to be cage and be fed so we let her go. She sat far away took a long look far away and never came back and she left. So sad we could not berry her.