Something about chicken meat

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Eat less meat, folks. You cannot go wrong in doing this.






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  1. Michelle Eng

    At last, they admit injecting arsenic is a cancer causing. I’ve read some articles that it will still stay in our body system even we did “flush” out during the call of nature. Apparently, what has left from our body is just “deposits” but not the chemicals. Just like, good old herbal soup, our body will suck the nutrients from the soup, so our body will do the same, draining chemicals from food, circulating in our body system. Therefore, when our body held too much chemicals / toxic, it will try to “clear” them by what we regard as sickness ie, fever, cough, flu, puss, diarrhea, vomit, sweats etc. Just like a house, we need to throw some rubbish out through either the front or rear door (some even through windows). Our nose, pores in skin, mouth (example)just like those doors & windows. Taking medicines made of chemicals will worsen our body in the near future. Because they don’t heal, they only suppress.
    Another read which I came across was, that killing animals which we regard as our food pyramids, cause fright in them which will produce adrenaline (if I’m not mistaken). This is toxic to our body irregardless to what health professions say of the meat’s nutrient content. Plant base has more nutrients compare to meat. If I like only the rib part, I’ll cut the rib out of a lamb. The rib itself won’t grow back. Vegetables & fruits grow back 🙂
    (All the above is just my 2 cents thought) I hope more people will come to realise this (sooner) for their health benefits 🙂

    1. chankahyein

      Yes, it is adrenaline.