How Heidi spends her afternoons

Heidi, as you know, is still adjusting to her new life here. We know you simply cannot tell a cat what to do or what not to do, so we have been giving her time to adjust and find her spots.

We know she goes back to the playground to play and have fun every morning after breakfast.

What does she do after that?

It’s almost 3pm now, and she’s been here since 11am…

mini-20130731_135120 mini-20130731_135109 mini-20130731_135114

Don’t you think she is smart? Nobody can attack her from the back OR front!

It’s a very secure spot.


Rosie’s nap spot.


Vincent’s other sentry post.


Can you see Heidi?


Wait…let me lift up the curtain and steal a snapshot….

Ready, steady, go!!


Arggh! I woke her up!

Sorry, Heidi!


 Tabs’ favourite nap spot!

Does Indy ever sleep?

Apparently, almost never.

You get up at 3am in the middle of the night, and he’s on the alert at the grille, looking out for enemies.

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