Body language in cats

Chen shared this:

No wonder, I’ve often noticed that none of the cats like a belly rub when they do “tummy up” and I’ve actually stopped doing the belly rub (I believe it’s dogs who like it!).  What I do is to speak to them and acknowledge their trust, maybe rub their thigh instead. This video says all they want is a scratch on the head.

Lots to learn, folks! And about time too, since they understand us better than we do them!!

So, who is smarter, eh?


No tummy rubs, please, I’m a cat, see?






2 responses to “Body language in cats”

  1. Freyia

    I do agree that showing tummy does not equate to belly rub. My cat once bit me real hard with 2 deep puncture and necessitate me to get a jab immediately after that. Lesson learnt the hard way

  2. melle

    I read that info somewhere. Since then, I’d do chest rubs when my cats do tummy up pose and they seem to like it.