An unplanned Happy Bum operation

It rained last night and this morning was simply lovely.

I fed Bunny & Friends, then proceeded with the Patio Family’s breakfast. Mr Zurik was here, so I locked him in the cage.

As the Patio Family was eating, I went out to look for Willy, this time, with his yoghurt meal all prepared.

Willy was standing directly across the road from my gate, in the playground.

I placed the food on the embankment and he approached cautiously.

I think he is a little fed-up of the yoghurt by now as he licked the parts that did not have any yoghurt.

It was while he was eating that I noticed there was a big blob of faeces stuck at his anus. It was well-formed, though.

I thought I shouldn’t disturb him yet, at least let him eat or “almost” finish his meal before attempting to clean off that blob.

So I went back to the patio, and brought a roll of toilet paper out with me.

Willy eats VERY slowly, so I waited, with the roll of toilet paper in hand.

After about 15 minutes or so, Willy appeared to be slowing down (in his eating), so, very gently, I held the scruff of his neck. Surprisingly, he did not struggle at all, but continued eating. Then I used the toilet paper and started cleaning his anus. The faecal matter was dry and “stuck”, so it wasn’t easy cleaning it off.

Encouraged by the total absence of struggle from Willy, I thought I should attempt a bit more. I needed to use wet tissues.

So I held him up by the scruff of his neck (a vet told me any cat would be totally at your mercy IF you can get the “correct” grip at the scruff, something I had totally failed most miserably with Pole and Cleo for the past 6-7 years).

Willy did NOT struggle.

I decided to totally push my luck.

The last time I caught him like this, I only managed to bring him into the porch and by then, he had struggled and bitten me (not severely enough to warrant a tetanus jab, though).

So I spoke to him nicely, then started walking back toward the house (with Willy, held by the scruff of his neck, in my hand).

No, this had been totally unplanned so I had not brought my Daiso latex gloves with me. What a waste!

You won’t believe this, but I managed to bring Willy INTO the house, bypassing all the patio cats who, by now, had gathered in the porch to watch the story unfold before their very eyes. I felt a bit bad that Willy was being viewed by all and sundry in this helpless state and unceremonious manner, but never mind, it’s for a greater good, ie. I want to clean off the faecal matter from his anus as I had noticed some flies hovering in that area yesterday.

This had been TOTALLY unplanned so I had to think on the spot.

Now, where to put him?

Mr Zurik was still locked in the cage and if I brought Willy to the patio, will he freak out in fright, struggle and run away?

Think, think, think…..quickly!

Never mind, just take the change, I thought. So I brought Willy out to the patio (still holding him securely by the scruff of the neck, and I dare say, I might just have got the “correct” grip this time, and it’s a total case of serendipity). I wanted to put him inside the cage as that would give me more space to clean his bum, but Mr Zurik was inside.


Now, do you suppose I could, with one hand holding Willy, open the cage door, free Mr Zurik, and then put Willy into the cage without him getting intimidated and freaked out by his arch enemy and chief interrogator?

I must be out of my mind, right?

So, very quickly, I decided I’d just plop Willy into one of the carriers. But all of them were a bit wet, due to the unexpected rain. Never mind, it’s only for a short while, I thought.

I managed to, with just one free hand, prop the bluish grey carrier up vertically, and plop Willy in. Snapped the door shut.


Then, I freed Mr Zurik and shoo-ed him off.

Go, go, go….go home, please.

He looked at me, puzzled.

домой, Mr Zurik, домой!!

He went off.

Now what?

Quickly, I ran into the room, and got the Dermacyn, cotton pads, and onwards to the kitchen, grabbed a plastic container and filled it with hot water. I grabbed my phone too, or I’d have no photos to show.


So, here is Willy, sitting most obediently.

I felt like such a rogue, to have caught him so unceremoniously.

Will he ever trust me again…sobs.


My first aid paraphernalia….and Nurse Rosie Posie.

Timmy was behind me too, trying to be helpful.


And oh, the Happy Bum Gel, of course!

So I sat down, opened the cage door, and started cleaning Willy’s buttocks. He didn’t mind it at all and did not put up any struggle whatsoever. I think the trick was in the soft cotton pads soaked in hot water. I think I wiped him five times, at least, and managed to get almost all the caked up faecal matter out.

Then, I finished off by applying the Happy Bum (lemongrass) Gel onto the entire area, not that it needed the gel as there is no wound, but just to give it a soothing finish, you know. Like in a massage, don’t they also finish off with something not particularly essential but soothing? Yes, something like that.

Willy was totally cooperative throughout the procedure.

It was too easy, actually.

I checked his bum, and all seemed well. Nothing was inflamed and I’m relieved. It is just that his faeces seem to get stuck at his anus. Apart from what I feed him, I don’t know what else he eats. Maybe there is some kind of food that doesn’t agree with his digestive system?

Time to let Willy out, so I opened the door.

Willy walked out, and stood for some time. Then, he went over to the stash of Natural Balance canned food (stock clearance, so I had just bought a lot), looked at the stacks of food, and then walked slowly out towards the garbage compartment.

I started cleaning the carrier and the next time I looked, Willy was gone.


After cleaning, I went out to look for him and he was nowhere to be seen.

I brought his bowl of food back into the porch. There was a bit left, and this was the parts with the yoghurt.


Vincent, our stormtrooper, was patrolling the perimeter.


Mr G was sniffing the crisp morning air.


And someone had eaten up all of Willy’s unfinished food, yoghurt and all!

I don’t know if Willy will trust me enough to come for dinner this evening. We shall see…but in any case, I think I did right by giving priority to cleaning his buttocks as I felt that was important. Cats are “empaths”, aren’t they? He should know I meant well.

3 comments to An unplanned Happy Bum operation

  • Iza

    Hi Dr Chan,

    Can I know where did you buy that dermacyn & happy bum gel?

    Thanks much ^^

    • chankahyein

      Hi Iza. Dermacyn is available in most pharmacies. However, after opening for 30 days, it is no longer oxygenised so you just use it as normal saline (which is what I’m using it as now). There is no “Happy Bum Gel”…ha ha. That’s just what I call it! It’s actually called Wound Protector (made from lemongrass). I got mine from Healing Rooms, Subang Jaya (03-56376166). I find that it’s really, really good for wound healing. It’s non-toxic so there is no danger even if the animal licks it. And the scent is…lemongrassily out of this world!

      • Iza

        Hi again Dr Chan 🙂

        I want to get the “happy bum gel” for my anak bulus also…hehehe. Thanks so much Dr Chan and have a great weekend!