Hot-from-the-oven news! We are fundraising with Primal Freeze-Dried!!

We would like to thank Avant Pet for giving us this opportunity to be a part of the launching (and promotion) of their latest product, Primal Freeze Dried (canine and feline)!

The official website:

Freeze-Dried Formulas

Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas are produced using only the freshest, human-grade ingredients. Our poultry, meat and game are antibiotic and steroid free without added hormones. We incorporate certified organic produce, certified organic minerals and unrefined vitamins to fortify our complete and balanced diets. All Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas contain fresh ground bone for calcium supplementation. This combination of ingredients offers optimum levels of the amino acids (protein), essential fatty acids, natural-occurring enzymes, and necessary vitamins and minerals that are the building blocks for your pet’s healthy biological functions. All of the ingredients found in Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas are procured from ranches and farms throughout the United States and New Zealand that take pride in producing wholesome raw foods through natural, sustainable agriculture.

Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas offer you the convenience and benefits of a well-balanced, safe and wholesome raw-food diet without having to grind, chop, measure or mix the ingredients yourself. At Primal Pet Foods, we have taken the time to carefully formulate and produce a nutritious, fresh-food diet that is easy for you to serve and delectable for pets to devour. The proof is watching them lick the bowl clean while thriving happily and healthfully!

It is freeze-dried raw food.

The stock is arriving tomorrow, and Avant Pet has graciously offered to let us sell (by donation) to raise funds.

These are the products:

primal pics

For starters, we are permitted to offer a 10% discount for orders received from today until 21st August 2013. After that, we will offer a 5% discount. The bonus is we will deliver it to your doorstep by post (courier) at our cost (free postage for you!) for purchases RM100 and above. All profits go to our Fund for the animals.

So, you get to pamper your pets with super premium raw food and at the same time, donate to the less fortunate animals who come through us for help.


To order:

1. Please write in to to check stock availability.
2. If available, please bank in donation.
3. Once payment has been made, please send an email to with the following details:

Shipping address:
Contact hp:

Amount transferred:
Name of bank:
Date of transaction:

Order details (name of products and quantity):

Shipping is free for purchases of RM100 and above. 

We are only able to deliver to Peninsular Malaysia for now. For Sabah & Sarawak, please give us a little bit more time to work out the postal charges.

Thank you for supporting us!






25 responses to “Hot-from-the-oven news! We are fundraising with Primal Freeze-Dried!!”

  1. Joy E. Saga

    Yippeeee doodah! Me! Me! I will let you know the details. Let me count my pennies and see if i have enough budget to buy before 21st 😀

    1. chankahyein

      Since I’ll be seeing you this weekend, if you could let me know by tonight, you’ll save us on the postage charges! I can pass to you but please let me know the flavours by tonight.

  2. claire

    can I do a cash deposit instead of bank transfer?

    1. chankahyein

      Yes, you can, but pls give us the details of the transfer (reference no, etc.). Thank you!

  3. Maneki Neko

    Now we’ll have a reason to be doing the happy days dance over here at our place, too! 😀

    1. chankahyein

      I hope your cats love it as much as mine do!! Happy Days are Here Again!!

  4. Yen Ling

    Awesome possum! Adding this to the shopping list.

    1. chankahyein

      Please order through us and support the less fortunate animals!

  5. we want too
    we want too…
    but can we just get it thru c.o.d at selected spot
    because we just live in shah alam
    can save postal charges

    BoBo Salem
    The Meow Meow Family

    1. chankahyein

      We work on couriering because we don’t have the humanpower to deliver by hand. Just give us either your home address or office address and we will courier it to you within a few working days. Thanks for helping us to save on courier charges (that is really kind of you!), but it’s still easier this way. We’re using Skynet so it’s more client-friendly.

      1. Joy E. Saga

        After I meet you on Sunday, i can bring the packet to Shah Alam if you want to pass to BoBo Salem as I am going to Shah Alam after that. Let me know.

        1. chankahyein

          Depends on when BoBo Salem can give me her orders and if the lorry has left the supplier’s for today. Thanks for your kind offer!

          1. owh….we just sent an email to you.
            its ok to courier also because the provider (skynet) is just a paws away from our home.

            BoBo Salem
            The Meow Meow Family

          2. chankahyein

            Noted, thanks! Instead of 2 small units, 1 big unit is actually more economical, unless you want to give them as presents!

  6. all member here are picky eaters, so small packets will do for now

    the bean of;
    The Meow Meow Family

    1. chankahyein

      A very wise move!

  7. Jaclyn Lim


    Because the price is kinda costly as compared to Pro-Plan Senstive Skin for Canine which costs RM213 for 15 kg, may I know how many feeds a big bag can give? My dog is around 6 kg.

    1. chankahyein

      I’ll ask the supplier to respond to you.

  8. Andy

    Hi Jaclyn, there is a online feeding calculator in Primal Website. It will be able to determine the amount to feed with some simple input. Cheers

  9. Juliana

    Hi Dr Chan! Tried to find this info on the primal website, but couldn’t find it: is there a “consume within X days once opened” disclaimer on the package? I’m interested in supplementing my pets diet with this, but I don’t want to order a big bag and suddenly have to finish within a few days/weeks. A small bag might be better….but I think a big bag is more economical if can last a while. Considerations, considerations.. Got to jaga the budget as well as the furkids, y’know, lol! Thanks!

    This is a great idea, btw! Looks like great food and a great way to contribute to the welfare if other animals! Hope this continues 🙂

    1. chankahyein

      Hi Juliana, Have just checked the label on mine. It says to keep tightly sealed (it has a zipper seal) and store in cool dry place. I have been storing my opened bags (but sealed) in the vegetable compartment in my fridge. It keeps even for weeks.

      We’ll continue if there is a market for it! Hope our pets like it, of course. My cats do.

  10. Amir

    Do u guys still selling this?

    1. chankahyein

      Dear Amir, Yes, we are. For more information: Thank you.

  11. Reena Kong

    Hi Dr Chan,
    Are u still supplying the Primal Freeze Dried Formula for cat – chicken & salmon? I would like to order 2 packets.

    Thank you & Regards

    1. chankahyein

      Hi Reena,

      Yes, it is ongoing fundraising. We have stock. Please email me for details. Thank you.