Primal Freeze-Dried arrives!!

Who is more excited – the cats or me??

I don’t really know!!


It’s here, it’s here!!

This is my Feline Chicken & Salmon and Feline Turkey, 14oz.

For those who ordered yesterday, we will ship out once your payment is in. Please allow 1-2 days for delivery.


I know I’m asking for trouble by putting the two bags here, but I wanted to see their reaction (and check how tightly-sealed (odour-proof!) the bags are). The test: Can the cats smell it out?


Cow, being the one who oversees everything and is ALWAYS at the forefront of things….checks out these two mysterious bags. We opine that Cow lost his entire childhood because he was too busy looking after Pole and Bunny and later, Tiger, so we excuse him for his crankiness.

Next, comes Bunny…

mini-20130815_125736 mini-20130815_125745

I think either (a) Bunny has a keener sense of smell OR (b) Bunny can read, because soon after his few seconds of sniffing at the bags, he started meowing at me.

Yes, from all directions until…


I said I WANT that food!

And I mean, NOW….please?

No, Bunny, wait till dinner….


As you know, when it’s cats vs humans, they win hands down…always.



I gave Tiger first, but Bunny snatched it from Tiger’s bowl.

mini-20130815_133336 mini-20130815_133418

Not enough, Cleo?

But this is just a mid-day snack, you know, it’s not a main meal.

mini-20130815_133423 mini-20130815_133428 mini-20130815_133432

Licking up every tiny little bit.

I think Bunny ate a whole nugget by himself.


Indy too, but Cow was asleep.


Pole was asleep too.


Not enough, I know. Later, okay?


Wait for dinner, kitties!

To order through us:

All profits go to our Fund. So, your doggies and kitties get super premium food, but at the same time, the less fortunate animals are not forgotten too!

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We provide free shipping to Peninsular Malaysia for purchases RM100 and above.

To order:

1. Please write in to to check stock availability.
2. If available, please bank in donation.
3. Once payment has been made, please send an email to with the following details:

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7 responses to “Primal Freeze-Dried arrives!!”

  1. Anita Chen

    oooo…I didnt know you were selling this! I wanna try, whats the pricing like?

    Please…thank you.

  2. Chen

    Bunny can read! Bunny can read!

  3. Joy E. Saga

    I agree with Chen! Bunny can read, i.e. like Ape Primate in George of the Jungle – without the glasses. 😀

  4. Maneki Neko

    Oh, we are on pins & needles over here, waiting for the Primal ship to come in. 🙂

  5. pawsome Bunny!!!

    BoBo Salem and catlings

    1. chankahyein

      Bunny can read!!!!