July updates from Imm’s Shelter (from Judy Chua)

Here are some updates from Imm’s Shelter in Perak. If you would like to volunteer at Imm’s, please contact Judy by email: chuajl@myjaring.net.

Subject: Imm’s shelter – Accounts & update July 2013
Cc: chan kah yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear donors & supporters

Our furry friends bow with joy & gratitude to all our July donors for their generosity – Kok Khee Wee, Sau Yee, Yvonne & Conrad, Paik Eng, Kheong, Ping and one anonymous donor for their financial contributions,  Carol for her donation of 15 cans of dog food for Wendy and her 5 pups, Chia Ying and friends for their trays of hard boiled eggs also for Wendy and her pups, Chew Kok Chang for 5 10kg bags of rice for the dogs, and my 2 friends who wish to remain anonymous for the newly planted palm trees in the shelter.  Our furry friends feel extremely blessed to receive your kindness, love and support.

The donations received in July more than covered the month’s operating expenses (details below) for 26 cats, 29 dogs and 5 pups.  With Tammy’s passing on 3 July, also mother and son – Lek-Lek and Sonny – who went missing on 11 July , the dog count now stands at 26 dogs and 5 pups.

Wendy’s pups (3F and 2 M) born 11 June are growing fast with each passing day.  They still go for their mom’s milk after their solid meals of  kibbles (or rice) with mince.

One of the male pups was adopted by a friend on a trial basis end July.  I visited “Lucky” in his new home in early Aug.  He has a large compound to run around but seemed lonely being by himself.  I will visit him again later this week to see if he has adjusted well.

With Grecia’s help (a young volunteer who helped with transportation), the remaining pups were taken for vaccination, also dewormed on 15 August and are healthy and well.  The pups are playful & frisky and are good playmates for each other.  Wendy is a doting mom and keeps a watchful eye on them.  All pups are available for adoption if there are good homes for them.

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