Medical subsidy for severely injured cat (Chia Lee Hua’s)

We received this application (below) from Ms Chia Lee Hua. The bill is RM2550.00. Items in the bill includes 6-days IV drip, 31 days of hospitalisation with daily wound cleaning and oral medication.  We managed to contact the clinic and was informed that the cat was brought in a critically injured condition. The hospitalisation was necessary as wound dressing had to be done daily due to the severity of the injuries and medication administered orally. The cat was also quite feral and fierce in behaviour and handling the cat was not easy. The vet has already given a discount of RM300 and the neutering was done free of charge.

Ms Chia has settled the bill in full.

We also called and spoke with Ms Chia. According to Ms Chia, she feeds the neighbourhood cats and has one pet cat of her own. Ms Chia said she will be getting the neighbourhood cats neutered as soon as she can catch them. Currently, this cat, now named Ah Mao, is in a cage in Ms Chia’s porch. Ms Chia has spent quite a bit on food and necessities for this cat since post-op care is still needed. After work, Ms Chia spends hours sitting with Ah Mao to accompany him, to help in his recovery. There is also a pregnant cat in the neighbourhood and after this cat has delivered, Ms Chia will get her spayed (once the cat is done nursing her kittens).

We will be subsidising the bill for Ah Mao upon receiving all the documentation from Ms Chia. We have also liaised with and advised Ms Chia to also apply to so that we can jointly subsidise this case with them.

The photos below were taken during the recovery period and there is no photo which showed the extent of the injuries when the cat was first brought in. However, the clinic verified that the cat was brought in in a very critical condition.

The translation of the emails below was done by our volunteer, Chun Eng. Many thanks, Chun Eng! (I should smack myself for not having learnt to read Chinese!)

From: “Ms. Chia” <>
Date: 20 Aug 2013 10:28
Subject: Fwd: Application of Subsidy for Stray Cat
To: <>
Hi, as my English command is not very good,  I hope you allow me to communicate with you in Chinese. 
I got to know from my neighbor about your organisation and I hope to seek your assistance. 
6月28日2013年早晨,我家门口来了一只受伤的雄性流浪猫(平常时我都会买猫的干粮,遇到流浪猫时我都会给它们食物, 它是其中一只), 它的前左脚严重溃烂.我试着把它关起来帮它擦药几天后还是没好转,看它越来越辛苦,决定了带去给兽医看.结果它是酶菌严重感染.医生说需验血,动手术,吊水,抗生素..等等.(在此附上照片)要完全康复需要一至两个月.
On 28/6/2013, I found an injured male cat at my doorstep. He is one of the strays I feed. There was a bad wound on his front left leg. I tried applying medication on his wound and caged him up for recovery for a few days. However, there was no improvement and the cat was suffering. I decided to bring him to the vet and the vet told me that his wound was badly infected by bacteria. The vet told me that blood test, surgery, drips, antibiotics, etc were required to treat the cat. (please see attached photos) And, it would take one to two months to heal.
在这段期间,医生知道它是只流浪猫建议让它做结扎手术,可是它的医药费已超出我能负(RM2,000++) 所以好心的医生决定免手术费,帮它做了结扎手术
During that period of time, the vet found out that he was a stray cat, hence he advised me to neuter the cat. However, the cat’s medical expenses have already exceeded my financial capacity (RM2,000++). The vet was kind enough to perform the neutering procedure for free.
The cat was discharged on 11/8/2013. The vet gave me discount on the hospitalization charges, but the final bill came to RM2550 (please refer to attached copy of the bill)
出院之后它因为颈项痕痒, 把自己给爪伤了.目前我把它暂时安顿在我家车房,每天还须跟它清洗颈项的伤口和涂药,花费了不少..
After the cat has come home, he wounded his neck due to excessive scratching. I house him temporary at my car porch and clean his wound daily.
我本能的想救它,虽然它只是只流浪猫.可我能力有限. 屋里有领养了一只猫,屋外三只流浪猫而且其中一只怀孕了.再者我本人是普通的打工一族.我尽了全力可我的生活变得拮据.
I wanted to save the cat although he is just a stray. Unfortunately, I have limited financial capacity. I have an adopted cat and 3 other stray cats to look after. One of them is pregnant.
I hope to get subsidy from your organisation and I also hope the cat will recover soon.
P/s. 每张招片都有日期
mini-20130702_215833 mini-20130706_130500 mini-20130706_135221 mini-20130804_133917 mini-20130811_114022 mini-20130811_115238 mini-20130817_191035
20130702 – 伤口很大,没办法把脚转动,只能安顿在笼子
The wound is big. it was not able to move its leg. I have to cage the cat. 
20130706 至 20130709 – 手术后吊水
On drip after surgery. 
20130804 – 一个月后终于不用包扎了,伤口好了80%
One month later. bandage is not required. 80% recovery. 
20130811 – 伤口好了90%
90% recovery. 
20130817 – 出院了.
From: Ms. Chia
Date: 2013/8/20
Subject: Re: Application of Subsidy for Stray Cat

您好, 很感激您的帮忙.关于该只猫为何住院那么久,其实该只猫住院大概一两个两星期后医生有建议带回去照顾. 可是我有我的难处.
我本身有工作从星期一至星期五放工时常不定时,我丈夫是做工厂的星期一到礼拜晚上10点以上才放工.没人可帮忙照料该只猫,因为当时它的伤口很大,几乎正只脚都烂,肉块都掉出来,可以清楚看到骨头(可向医生查证)医生之前也告知它是某种细菌感染,而且会传染给人类,带回家后每天必需为它清洗.当时我一心帮它能康复,不想因为我的无法好好照料而令它更受苦. 除了没时间照顾它,我也害怕自己也或其他的流浪猫(这些流浪猫时常会来,我都会给些食物)被感染,救不了它也害了其它.



Ms. Chia Lee Hua


Ms. Chia explained that the vet actually suggested to her to discharge the cat two weeks after the treatment. As that cat was having such a bad open wound, both her husband and her who work long hours, were not able to take care of the cat. The vet told her that the wound in that cat was infected by some kind of bacteria that is contagious to human as well as other animals; frequent wound dressing was required.
As Ms. Chia is feeding other stray cats in her area, she didnt want other cats to get infected by the bacteria carried by that wounded cat. In order for the wounded cat to recover properly and for the safety of other stray cats under her care, she decided to continue board ing the wounded cat at the clinic.
From: Ms. Chia
Date: 2013/8/21
Subject: Re: Application of Subsidy for Stray Cat
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

How are you? I am happy and grateful about your concern.
I hereby attach a few photos which I took a few days ago to update you on the condition of the cat.
Currently, I am putting the cat into the cage. The cat scratched its neck excessively due to itch, until it bruised its neck. The yellow stain is the medication. I put an Elizabeth collar around its neck as I was afraid that it’s wound would get worse. The cat has been having diarrhoea for the last few days and I have tried feeding him different cat food.
The cat outside the cage is a pregnant cat.


mini-20130820_182917 mini-20130820_182931 mini-20130820_185356 mini-20130820_185405

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