Catfood sponsorship for Mrs Mutharam Vasthilingam’s rescued cats


As a follow-up to our visit to Mrs Mutharam’s where we agreed to help her with the catfood she had bought in the past two weeks, we have fully sponsored RM77.65 for 14 cans of Whiskas (@4.20 each), 3 cans of Prodiet (@RM3.50 each), 1 can of Cuties Catz (RM3.40) and 1 small bag of Misha cat kibbles (RM4.95). These were bought by Mrs Mutharam and she showed us the empty cans and the bag when we visited. Mrs Mutharam has posted all the receipts to us.

mini-IMG_20130725_202325 mini-IMG_20130725_202741 mini-IMG_20130731_133559 mini-mutharam food 24 Aug

 The empty cans.

Due to a lack of finances, Mrs Mutharam can only purchase one can per day (from the shop downstairs at her flats). She is currently feeding 12 cats.

Our visit and photos:

An earlier communication:

From: Mutharam sha
Date: Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: Food Fund
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Ms Chan,

You asked for receipts for the food I buy. Actually I don’t keep them and some food items don’t have receipts.

Daily I spent $3.50 for pro diet can food, Fish $3-4, Kibbles 1.5kg which cost $10 last for 5 days. I feed them 3 times a day.Breakfast is kibbles and can food. Lunch and dinner is fish mix with rice. When they are not well I take them to the government clinic, they charge from $20-$30 per visit.

Username on : Kalvi Shajhan ( daughter )

Since then, Mrs Mutharam has kept all the receipts.

We also gave a contribution of RM150 (not from AnimalCare, but from Tabs & Associates) to kick-start the spaying of the female cats (and later, the male cats) since Mrs Mutharam did not have the funds to do this. She had agreed to take one female cat for spaying on Monday (26th August 2013), but when asked yesterday, she informed us that this particular cat was vomiting and therefore, unfit to be spayed (as advised by the vet). We have suggested that she takes another female to be spayed first since she has about five females in the cage. She then informed us that she will take two females for spaying this coming Monday (2nd September 2013).

She has also requested for our medical subsidy for the cat with the eye problem. The bill is RM60 and we will subsidise as per policy pending the first female being spayed.

Mrs Mutharam’s rescued the cats are all from her flat area in Cheras. She had earlier applied for our Food Fund so we made a visit to her flat last week and gave her 3 bags of the donated Royal Canin catfood.

Mrs Mutharam also informed us that 12 of her rescued cats have been adopted through, through her daughter’s profile. However, when we looked into her daughter, Kalvi’s profile, we only saw 2 cats adopted. We asked Kalvi and she explained that she has actually got 14 cats adopted but previously she did not know how to change the status to “adopted”, so she just deactivated the profiles. confirms that 3 profiles have been deactivated (in these 3 profiles, there were 7 cats in all). Kalvi says some of the cats were adopted through other channels, not alone.

We appreciate the fact that Mrs Mutharam and Kalvi (who is 17 years old) make the effort to rehome the cats.

For Food Fund application, attempts made at rehoming the animals is one of our criteria, unless there are extenuating circumstances (for eg, feral adult animals, who are difficult to rehome).

We have asked Kalvi to please take a photo of her next successful adoption and send it to us to serve as an encouragement to other rescuers to rehome their pets. We have also advised Mrs Mutharam to get the cats neutered as soon as possible. She is welcome to apply for our subsidies.

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