Thousands of new breeds (of dogs) in Costa Rica – a unique way to promote adoption of rescued dogs!

Let’s watch and learn, folks:

It all boils down to perception. It is easy for us to say, “What’s in a breed? A dog (or cat) by any name would smell as sweet” (apologies to Shakespeare for the tweak) but is it easy to convince “brand-conscious” people that any dog/cat would be just as good? We can talk until the cows come home and brand-conscious people will not be convinced.

So, a shelter in Costa Rica devised an ingenious way to get around this problem AND get their rescued dogs adopted.

Take a look at the advertisements put up all over town.

Now, we think this is a great idea for shelters to adopt, don’t you?

Thank you, Mooi Chee Onn, for sharing the youtube!