The life of Thong-saa (a sharing by Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn)

Here is a sharing by Dr Veeranoot:

From: Veeranoot Nissapatorn
Date: Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 3:04 PM
Subject: Life of Thong-saa-A sharing
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

9th September, 2013

RE: Life of Thong-saa: A sharing

Dear Sis Chan,

In early April- 2013, that was the time when I came to know Thong-maak and her puppies. I come to the temple after my work for their meals ever-since.

The first time when I saw Thong-saa, I just thought that he would be someone’s pet and keep roaming around for friends and fun. Later, I came to notice that Thong-saa has been staying in one of renovated house and just opposite the temple. I made an attempt to observe on how he has been keeping from the owner and I was shock to know that he is most likely to be left alone here for looking after the house or otherwise let him be by his own destiny.  I give him foods provided he is on the scene during meal time. Later, I made it a point out of my sympathy on his condition that his dinner is always been the first to serve after calling him from his house and to avoid fighting for foods from temple dogs, before I went inside the temple to serve other dogs.

7th September- 2013, I drove pass by the temple in the afternoon and saw Thong-saa sitting at the roadside near his home. Later in the evening, the main gate was partially blocked with a piece of metal and I fed his meal at the roadside as well.

8th September- 2013, I plan to feed Thong-saa’s meal as usual but was stunned to see that the main gate was totally closed. I could not find him, drove off but very happy to see him keep running behind my car out of nowhere. Thong-saa finally got his meal inside the temple along with other companions on the same fate. On the way back home, I just try to imagine putting myself in his shoe and I suddenly feel so lonely with painful memory and hold back my tear but I couldn’t.

This is the second incidence (, that I am to be a witness of their plights. Mercy-ful vs -less in the hand of humans is always been a subject of debate related to the life of other living beings especially animals regardless they are so called “stray” or worst “pet”.

Looking back at my own experience, I am at peace knowing that I have done to the level best of my ability to bridge the definitions of the owner, fosterer or even a passer.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Sukhi Hotu!


mini-his old home mini-Life will never be the same AGAIN mini-Thong-saa

mini-8th September, 2013 (8 pm)

mini-Welcome to a new home!

Thong-saa in his new home now.






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  1. claire

    I’ve seen him at the temple!!! He is such a lovely boy =3

  2. The last photo attached is such a meaningful photo. (:

  3. Thong-saa….be happy now. you’re free!!!