Polkadot will be adopted! (Marina Mustaphas’)

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Great news, folks!

From: Marina M
Date: Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 7:15 PM
Subject: Re: RM80 Re: Photo has to shown incision, pls
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>
Dear Dr Chan,
With great pleasure I wish to inform that a person name Jue from Klang has expressed her interest to adopt Polkadot.

However, she seek my help to hold her for another 2 weeks.
She needs to ensure 2 kittens than she has will get their vaccination first & gets stable. I am ok since Polkadot since recovering from the unnecessary surgery.

I am really happy (over the moon!) with this news.Jue has the space that Polkadot needed.She can run around as she wish & has a forever place to call home.

Polkadot 2nd vaccination due on 25 Sept 2013.will do that before she goes to new home.

I will update further once Polkadot in her new home..

Thank you so much for your assistance & donors for medical subsidy towards Polkadot’s recovery.


I have explained to Jue Polkadot tragic accident, her behaviours,food choices & to keep her indoors due to her history..

Polkadot has the whole house to run around (2 floors). Jue keeps all her cats indoors. it will be easier for Polkadot to integrate with kittens too.

I also requested Jue to give Polkadot time to adjust / warm up to her & new place.

We really hope it will be a success story…some new pictures of her grooming, playing & try to attack my feet :):)..just took the pictures while drafting this email.

I am so happy for her…


Have a great life in your new home, Polkadot!!

3 comments to Polkadot will be adopted! (Marina Mustaphas’)

  • Norely Abd Rahman

    Another wonderful news! Kudos to Marina for not abandoning Polkadot when she was lying almost lifeless after the accident. Thanks to AnimalCare and Petfinder for sponsoring the medical bill. There is hope out there people! Feeling really good about this wonderful news! Enjoy your new home Polkadot!

  • Marina

    Thanks Norely for your kind words & supports.. Words cannot express how happy I am for her.Polkadot is now kneading on my lap & purrs all the way :). To Animalcare & Petfinders and all donors- on behalf of Polkadot , THANK YOU…..You saved her life!

  • Aznita

    So happy to hear that Polkadot will have a new home šŸ˜€

    -Polkadot fan-