“Spaying” sponsorship for Polkadot and the importance of ear-notching (Marina Mustapha’s)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/08/30/vaccination-subsidy-for-polkadot-also-up-for-adoption-marina-mustaphas/

Polkadot has come a long way since the time she was rescued from the street. After healing from all her injuries, Marina thought it was time to get her spayed as she would like to put Polkadot up for adoption.

As it happened, the vet discovered that Polkadot had already been previously spayed.

We have always emphasised the importance of ear-notching, not only for return-to-colony animals but also for pets, because pets can also go missing sometimes. Please help us spread this message as widely as possible – ear-notching saves life and money. Any form of procedure (especially surgery) performed on any animal can be very stressful for the animal. And each time an animal goes through general anaesthesia, there is a risk. The re-opening up of a female animal for the purpose of spaying can easily be avoided if only caregivers and owners would instruct the vet to get the animal’s ear notched.

We have fully sponsored RM80 for the “spaying” of Polkadot. This sponsorship comes from all our donors through our Medical Fund (RM30) and Berjaya Cares (RM50).

Polkadot is up for adoption. If you are interested to adopt her, kindly contact Marina at her email below. 

An option: For those who can afford the luxury of waiting, and especially if the vet highly suspects the female cat has already been previously spayed, keep the cat confined (or free from contact with unneutered males) for 2-3 weeks and observe if the cat comes on heat. If she does not, there is a high possibility that she has already been spayed.

From: Marina M <marinarocm@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 12:58 AM
Subject: Re: Polkadot
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Dr Chan,
Here are Polkadot pictures including picture of the stiches as well as copy of receipt.
I took Polkadot for vet check up on 8th Sept 2013 to confirm whether I can spay her now.
I requested vet’s help to check whether there was possibility she has been spayed.
Vet was not able to confirm since she could not see any existing scar.
Vet has gave clearance she is healthy to proceed for spaying.
Therefore, I have taken her to Klinik Kembiri for spaying this morning.
When I fetched her after the surgery, I was told by the Klinik Kembiri that she actually has been spayed before.
They too were not able to see any scar on her so they proceed with the surgery.
I still has been charged RM80 since they had to open her up.
I wish who ever that has done her spaying earlier should have notched her ear! Ear notching will give indication to the individual rescuer like me that the cat has been spayed. What we most concern was the unnecessary surgery that she has to go through. Most importantly, we do not want to traumatise the cat with the surgery!.
I plead to all to notch the stray cat ear once she has been spayed. If you adopted cats & let them out from the house, please put a collar with your details if you do not notch their ears.
I had her left ear notched this time. Can I claim for neutering subsidy?
Thank you so much.
Marina Mustapha
mini-Polkadot Stiches-08092013mini-Polkadot 07092013mini-Polkadot with box-07092013
 As for collars, we highly recommend detachable ones (also known as “breakaway safety collars”).

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