On the CNRM path

At the KMBS fair yesterday,  a gentleman who has been attending my talks came to our booth and shared how he has now started a CNRM project of his own. It was inspiring listening to him tell his story with such enthusiasm and gusto.

He first started with a litter of puppies who were left abandoned near his house and after that, there was no stopping him anymore. From the puppies, he went on to help kittens too. Sometimes there would be boxes of kittens left by people and he would take them in and do his best to nurse them. Some would survive, but some could not. This made him realise that neutering was of paramount importance, so he started catching the adult cats to get them neutered.

He has now become a community dog and cat feeder in his housing estate. He says neighbours sometimes do not look kindly upon what he does, but he has learnt to ignore them and continue feeding the cats in a responsible manner. His enthusiasm to help the animals is shared by his wife and children too. They are all animal lovers now.

What an amazing story!