Bailey, rescued dog for adoption – Adopted! (Michelle Eng Swee Choo’s)

Updates on 24th May 2014 – Adopted!

The original post:

If you are interested in adopting Bailey, please contact Michelle directly.

From: michelle eng <>
Date: Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 5:51 PM
Subject: Bailey
To: “” <>

Dear Dr Chan,
I’m Michelle Eng. I need help to find a good home for Bailey. ( -+8kg)
She’s no longer an abandoned dog anymore, she has a name.
I’m currently nursing her but this has created some problems at home.
I have tried most of the shelters but of no use.
Some are not fit to take her in when I visited the place just to make sure.
I’m one step away in finding a good owner for her.
Could you lend me a hand in finding one for her, please??
This is what I’ve posted up in my FB:
“Last week Tuesday, 10/09/2013, lunch time, I’ve found an abandoned dog with skin problem. She was two cars apart from me & I whispered: “Do you need help?” and she came over to me.
I took her to my regular vet for check up. Her skin problem is not contagious but needs a longer time to recover.I’m in a desperate need of help to find a GOOD home for her.
Name : Bailey
Age : -+ 1 year old, female.
Vaccinated. Not neutered (yet)
About : She knows SIT, STAY, COME, WIPE & Mum-Mum (for food). She does her poo & pee in my balcony instead of inside her cage. She’s a happy & a playful dog. Afraid of human crowd & other dogs.

Currently, I’m fostering 5 dogs. This has created a strain in my life. For those who have been with me for the past few days, I thanked you all from the bottom of my heart.

I really need help in getting her a GOOD home so that I can come visit & play with her. Please.”

Hope to have a reply from you.
Or kindly advice me.
Thank you in advance.

Warm Regards.
I have forgotten to mention that all Bailey’s med is on me.
And I have no problem in sponsoring her.
Currently, apart from her medication, I use composite enzyme to wipe her skin.
During day time, I’ll apply fresh aloe vera gel to keep her itch away & night time I massage her with organic coconut oil. She LOVES it. All these so to make more progress on her fur grow & lessen her skin problem.

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