Lost dog in SS23, PJ (Krystle Lai Yun Yi’s)

If you have any information on this dog, please contact Krystle Lai.

From: Krystle Lai <bythebeautifulsea1437@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 1:53 PM
Subject: Lost dog in Taman Megah/ Mayang
To: “chankahyein@gmail.com” <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Dr Chan,

I wonder can I put up a lost dog notice at your webpage.

Attached herewith the picture of my dog that went missing (the one in the left). A friend left our house on the 1st Oct at approximately 7am without shutting the outside gate properly & she ran out. We didn’t know that that gate was opened until my hosuemate woke up at 7:30am to find that the gate was opened.

I went straight out to look for her when my hosuemate alerted me bout that, but I couldn’t find her near my housing area. I already put up print outs at vets & pet shops nearby, & am also driving around PJ area everyday to look for her. I posted on petfinder.my & FB but still no news about her. It has been a week now & I am getting very worried. She usually would come back herself within half an hour when she escaped last time. She didn’t have any collar on her because she just lost it the day before she ran out. Hope that anyone around the area who spots her can try to get a hold on her & call me or just let me know where is her whereabout.

I have been keeping her since she was a puppy & I really need to have her back. Thank you for all the generous help.

I can be contacted through this email & 016-233 1635

She was last seen in SS23 area on the 2nd morning & someone said she appeared in Tmn Megah Mas on the same day (which I don’t know which source is true). I went to both areas but couldn’t find her.

It has been so many days now so I assume she has been travelled far. Kindly contact me if anyone spotted her roaming in their area or a neighbour suddenly has a “new” dog that looks like her. Reward will be given for her safe return.

Thank you.

Krystle Lai
016-233 1635

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11 responses to “Lost dog in SS23, PJ (Krystle Lai Yun Yi’s)”

  1. Wong Yoke Mei

    Please go to PAWS shelter (Subang Airport Road) to check ASAP. Dogs at shelter may not last that long.

  2. Krystle Lai

    Dear Yoke Mei,

    Already went there twice in a week but she is not there

  3. Wong Yoke Mei

    If she’s not there, then that is good news. Maybe someone could have taken her in. Don’t give up. Continue to pass out flyers into post boxes….Having a community to help you find and keep a look out is much more better than only you & your family going out to search for her.

  4. Chen

    Putting up posters around the neighbourhood is still one of the most effective way. Put them around schools and make sure they are around the height of kids eyes. Put a few around parks where people walk their dogs. Put a poster in the vets operating around the area. Put a poster in the pet shops.

    Good luck and hope your lovely dog comes home to you soon!

    And once she is home – remember to take down the posters!

  5. Chen

    Have you checked the park along SS23/17 opposite the area that got car workshops? I once took a walk there (a long, long time back) and saw many dogs hanging around and lounging there. Don’t know if the pack of dogs is still there. But could there be a chance that she joined the pack?

  6. Krystle Lai

    I have circulated the printouts to those “ronda” guards around my area & some neighbourhood watch residents yesterday when I bumped into them while looking for her.

    Put up printouts in lamposts, bus stops, those place where a lot ah long put theirs, but when I checked again few days ago they were taken out :'(… why so heartless took out mine but those those ah longs advertisements.

    Dear Chen, almost everyday I go to round at the park you mentioned & yes the pack of dogs are there everyday, but not my dog.

    What I am afraid of is she might have been knocked down by a car, or fell into a drain… or.. some people just decided to keep a “free” husky for themselves (I am not making stories up, my friend’s husky escaped & couldn’t be found. But from some tip off the dog was found inside a house when the “new owner” was bathing him).

    I even stick 2 A3 printouts at my car’s rear windows. If you see a girl driving a noisy pickup with lost dog printouts on the car driving in your area then that’s me. Don’t worry, I am driving slow to look for my dog, not to “eye” on a victim for break-ins

  7. Chen

    All the best Krystle! I’ll keep an eye out for any husky roaming around. Or news about one. But if she is already “kept”, then that would be tough.

  8. Krystle Lai

    Just inform me at 016-2331635 if you suddenly notice that your neighbour or someone in your neighbourhood suddenly has a “new” dog. That’s more than enough & it is much appreciated.

    Thank you so much

  9. Krystle Lai

    From far she doesn’t really look like a husky because she has been shaven.. Her coat is grey + white, but the husky face marking is visible

  10. Wong Yoke Mei

    Krystle, do also remember to post flyers at all the nearby vet clinics ya…

    1. Krystle Lai

      Yes, already done. Not only nearby, have posted to vets in Aman Suria & Ara Damansara