Medical subsidy for Merdeka, a sporo-cat (Aziza bt Mohd Yusof’s)

There are two bills:

1. RM699.00 (which includes RM360 for boarding, RM16.80 for a clipper and the rest for treatment and medication)
2. RM200 for the purchase of Sporonox from a pharmacy

After deducting the boarding and the clipper, the total subsidisable from the two bills is RM523. We have subsidised RM261.50. This subsidy comes from the AnimalCare Donors (RM61.50), Berjaya Cares (RM100) and Ti-Ratana Penchala (RM100).

From: Zee Yusof
Date: Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 10:14 PM
Subject: Sporo cat


I met this male cat to which i later named him ‘merdeka’ nearly 3 weeks ago at Jln Kuching KL. I had sent him to two different vets for medication but the result did not get any better. The earliest vet which i met recommended me for a final treatment – i need to send merdeka to the clinic for 3 injections each visit, every 4 day and there are 4 visits required. If theres no improvement, choice is mine to PTS him.

Refused to give up too early, i consulted a vet in Ara Damansara, according to this vet, treatment for sporo takes normally 1-2 mths depends on the case. Treatment includes medication + boarding and the minimum cost may reach rm45 per day to which the vet has given me a rough figure of rm1k++.
Between my hope to give merdeka the best treatment to treat the disease, i totally cant afford to pay for that cost. besides, i’m having 2 female cats & i’m staying in jinjang utara. Is there any alternative that i can get the subsidy? PTS would be my laaaasssttt resort as i believe that he also deserves a chance to live longer.
Your positive response is very much appreciated.
mini-20130920_215022-1144756966 mini-20130921_164224404073540

From: Zee Yusof
Date: Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 7:09 AM
Subject: Re: Sporo cat

Dear dr chan,

Many thanks you for your prompt reply. Currently i’ve stopped feeding him with any pills.  Ive read about sporanox and lamisil. Can i just go to any pharmacy and purchase? Or do i need to have a prescription from a vet? Am thinking to send him to vet for 2-3 weeks, see how it works. Do u have any suggestion?
And yes, i would like to keep in touch with the cat owners who have successfully nursed their sporo cats. It would be grateful if u could give me their contact details.
Thank u so much.

From: Reen Hanekoma
Date: Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 7:42 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Sporo cat
To: Chan Kah Yein <>,

Dear Dr Chan,
Sorry for the late reply. I had been trying to call the vet on Saturday but to no avail and i had sent Merdeka to Ara Damansara. And due to my budget constraint, i also bought 1 box of sporanox as recommended by Dr Chan before sending Merdeka to Dr Wong. 1 box of sporanox costs me RM200 (i got it from Kepong).
After 18 days, his sporo is getting better and better and the wound has become smaller and dryer. The total cost is RM699.80 excluding the sporanox which i bought separately. I will post the clinic’s original receipt and the subsidize form. I would like to ask for consideration if i could get a full subsidy and am i allowed to get a subsidy for the sporanox as well? I hope that i did not ask too much and your kind consideration is highly appreciated.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Chan for his kind help replying my emails as well as his useful advice. Also to Fenton Wong and the anonymous reader for their concern. I really appreciate you guys and do not know how to repay your kindness and not much if i say, if not because of the advice given to me earlier, i would have put Merdeka to sleep (touch wood!!) cos at that time, i did not have any idea how to deal with this.
Now i can smile to see his recovery process. I will post his latest pictures to you later.
Thank you.

From: Reen Hanekoma <>
Date: Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 4:28 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Sporo cat
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,
My 1000 apologies as i thought you were a man. I attached herewith his photos for your review.

The photos are taken after treatment (he’s still under sporonox).
Thank you.
mini-20131010_075215 mini-20131010_075236


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  • Janna

    Hi there, I’m glad my sister forwarded this page to me. Mario, my cat of 13 yrs old is suspected of contracting Sporo.I’m lucky that the vet have a place to care for him. When I read the the successful stories, it does gives me hope that Mario will be okay. Btw we haven’t got the blood test result yet. Anyway, if it does come back positive I know we will pulled this through.