Photo updates on Merdeka (from Aziza bt Mohd Yusof)


One of our readers has donated towards the remainder of Merdeka’s medical bill and covered the boarding charges in full. The reader has also ordered two packs of Cat Primal as a treat for Merdeka and we have already delivered the catfood by Poslaju to Aziza.

We thank our reader for her generous heart. And of course, Aziza, for looking after Merdeka, and not giving up on him.  Nursing sporo-cats need a lot of patience. Some take months to recover.

From: Zee Yusof <>
Date: Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 11:21 PM
Subject: Re: RM622 (from reader)

Dear Dr Chan,

Sorry for the late reply cos i just checked my email. And i have received the donation. Many thanks to Miss ‘X’. To Miss ‘X’, eventhough i do not know who u are, am touched by your kindness to help Merdeka. For few moment i was speechless and only God knows my feeling right now. May God bless u with good health and happy life.

And here are the latest photos of him while having his meal 😉

And i continue giving him sporanox as recommended by the vet until the wound is 100% healed. Merdeka has recovered almost 90% except on the nose and ears which need longer time to recover.

Thanks and best regards,


mini-20131021_215732 mini-20131021_215746 mini-20131021_215758


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