Latest photos of Merdeka, recovering well from sporotrichosis (Aziza bt Mohd Yusof’s)


We subsidised Merdeka’s treatment and one of our readers subsidised the remaining balance and also gave Merdeka a special treat of Primal Freeze-Dried!

From: Zee Yusof
Date: Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 3:23 AM
Subject: Re: RM622 (from reader)

Hi Dr Chan,

Thanks for the reply. I manage to collect it yesterday and here are photos of Merdeka with the food. Appreciate your help so much & please send my regards to the kind hearted lady.
Thanks and best regards,

Based on the numerous feline sporotrichosis cases we have subsidised, the key to recovery seems to be using the original Sporonox and Lamisil cream.

A friend also recently approached us for assistance on a rescued sporo-cat who had not been healing well after more than a month of boarding at the vet’s. Just a few days of using the original Sporonox with home-nursing, amazing results could already be seen.

However, kindly consult your veterinarian should you have a similar case.

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