Of taiqi grandmasters, UFOs and other feline encounters

Willy has officially taken over Heidi’s place at the basketball court while taiqi lessons are in session.

mini-IMG_20131119_075823 mini-IMG_20131119_075845 mini-IMG_20131119_075856

Unknown to all of us, he has always been the grandmaster of taiqi.


And looks like the grandmaster is taking over the teaching and Heidi is no longer allowed to teach now.

But wait…to us mere mortals who don’t know any better, the “grandmaster” is just an orange cat named Willy.

So, let’s keep the grandmaster’s secret intact, shall we?


Nowadays, Willy comes for two meals daily.

mini-IMG_20131121_182421 mini-IMG_20131121_182426

He is much more confident than before and even allows me to carry him.


But Vincent does not take kindly to any show of affection to another cat.


So he confronts Willy and a fight ensued.

The Lion King lost to the Stormtrooper…in this battle.

Luckily no one was injured…phew!


Meanwhile, I think this is Udi’s sibling.

What’s he watching?


My son is playing with his remote-control copters.


Oh no! An alien copter has crash-landed!

All cats on full alert!!


The bravest cat approaches with caution to investigate…


…while Dame Heidi looks on.

These young ‘uns, what do they know? I’ve seen ’em all – spaceships, UFOs, you name it, I’ve seen them land at the pavilion when the humans aren’t looking. These silly humans call it the “pavilion”. And they keep asking each other, “Eh, why is there no roof?”

It’s our landing pad, you silly humans. That is why there is no roof!

mini-PicMonkey Collage

The “Pavilion”?

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