Dogfood for the community dogs in Kangar (Mdm Lim Tiang Seouk’s)

We have fully sponsored RM504.55 worth of dogfood for the community dogs looked after by Mdm Lim Tiang Seouk in Kangar, Perlis. This sponsorship comes from the AnimalCare Donors.

Mdm Lim Tiang Seouk is 67 years old and resides in Kangar. Her income is from collecting recyclable materials. She has 3 dogs at home and feeds the community dogs and cats in her neighbourhood. She also feeds the stray dogs and cats in Kangar town. These dogs and cats are located at the shoplots near a coffee shop she used to work at and there are also dogs who wait for her daily located at an unoccupied piece of land. She can only feed them at night to avoid being chided by those who are unsympathetic towards her cause. Apart from looking after these dogs and cats, Mdm Lim also takes care of one of her daughters who is seriously ill and the daughter’s child.

From: Nujtiya Chan <>
Date: Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 10:17 AM
Subject: Claim for Dog Food & Spay
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,
I wouldlike to claim for dog food subsidy on behalf of my mum for the month of mid Nov ~ end Dec 2013.
Please find attached photos & receipt. Below the purchased details for your reference.
1) Alpo 20kg @ RM122 x 2 bags = RM244.00
2) Pedigree 20kg @ RM147.99 x 1 bag = RM147.99
3) SmartHeart 7kg @ RM58.90 x 1 bag = RM58.90
4) Rice (Aman) 10kg @ RM21.80 x 1 bag = RM21.80
5) Pedigree 1.15kg @ RM10.99 x 2 cans = RM21.98
6) Nature’s gift 700g @ RM9.90 x 1 can = RM9.90
TOTAL = RM 504.55 (round up from RM 504.57)
mini-Photo (Food) mini-ONE mini-TWO


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