Ex-distemper dog looking for a home (Vicky Soh Shu Eng’s)

If interested, please contact Vicky Soh directly at her email below:

From: Vicky SSE <vickys_ams@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 8:51 AM
Subject: Dog for Adoption
To: Kah Yein Chan <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Kah Yein

Good morning!
Very happy to inform you that the kitten has been adopted.
And here is the write up about the distemper dog I told you about.
Appreciate very much your help in putting it up in your blog.
Sorry that this is a long write up as I feel I need to tell her (the dog) story as she’s been through a lot. Thanks, Kah Yein.
So here goes…
Way back in May this year, I noticed this pretty girl roaming around my area. Initially I thought she was someone’s pet as she looked clean and healthy. Then I saw her sniffing at rubbish bins looking for food. I tried to give her food but she runs away on seeing me, so I left the food which she eventually did eat.A few mornings later, while walking my dog I noticed her in the shade near a car on another road. Later, I brought food for her and notice she has running nose. On the 3rd day of feeding her, she looked weak, so I called the vet. She put up a struggle when the vet had to drag her from under a car. She was growling and snarling. She was diagnosed with distemper and sadly, the vet was unable to take her in for treatment.I then sought help from a friend who then introduced me to a rescue group who has experience in treating distemper dogs. I am so grateful that this group was willing to take her in for treatment. The first few days were touch and go as she wasn’t eating and I was asked to send her to the vet to put her on drip. I hunted around for a vet who could take in distemper dog (and finally found one in Kuchai Lama), and then news came that she finally ate.

In August, after 3 months of treatment, as she recovered and as the rescue group needed her space for new rescues, I collected her and sent her immediately to the vet for spaying. When we collected her, again she put up a struggle and was growling and barking. She has been spayed, vaccinated, deworm and deflea. And this pretty girl has been boarded at the vet since then.

I visit her almost daily and bring her home cooked food. I work with her to gain her trust and slowly day by day manage to touch her, pat her, put a collar on her and finally leash her and take her out for walks.

She is a timid girl. She growls and she snaps. She doesnt like to be touched if she doesn’t know you. But she is very affection when she knows you. She came right up to my face on the 3rd day at the vet. She is just misunderstood.

She gets along well with the dogs and cats at the clinic. Goes and sniff at all the new patients. Plays with the clinic in-house dog. The vet assistants, though she is used to them, when they try to touch her, she still give a warning growl and a snap, except when they give her food. She loves food, so a guard dog she is not.

The vet has just given notice to discharge her as more patients are coming in and they need the space.

I have tried at least 5 shelters to board her but most say they are overloaded.

I myself cannot keep her as I have 6 rescued dogs, an 18 year old cat who is already having kidney and liver problems, 2 alley cats who are having  skin problems and I am also looking after a middle aged sister who is mentally challenged.

I feel that it would be such a waste after all the time and efforts, not to mention money, spent on getting this pretty girl so far along for her to go back to the streets, which is the last resort if nobody is willing to take her in.

She has survived the dreaded distemper. Let’s work together to give her a chance of having a loving forever home, shall we please.

Like all of us, she just need some understanding and lots of patience with plentiful love.

Please email me at vickys_ams@yahoo.com if you are up to giving these to her and in return receive her unconditional love.

Thank you so much!
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