Updates from Imm’s Shelter, Perak

The following update is from Judy Chua:

From: judy chua
Date: Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 1:53 PM
Subject: Imm’s shelter – Oct 2013 Update

Dear donors & supporters

The past couple of months have been extremely hectic, hence this late update for the month of October. My hard disk had also seen better days and decided it was time to take a permanent rest. It took with it all the memorable pictures I had taken of our furry friends from 2011 till mid Oct this year.  The pictures I had wanted to share especially for the farewell message to Citta, Frank & Sandy who passed away in Sep and Sophie in Oct were no longer available. It was a permament farewell to all the beautiful memories captured in the pix, particularly of our furry friends who have passed away.  The heart was stirred by the unexpected loss.  It was good practice for letting go.Citta, Sandy & Frank died in my home on 14th, 16th & 23rd Sep respectively.  Sophie just outside the shelter most likely in the early hours of 10th Oct.  They have all been buried next to each other near the shelter.  Citta and Frank died of old age.Citta was Imm’s rescued cat. He was a very lovable cat. I miss his playful antics. He would always be quick off the mark slipping out of the shelter’s cattery into the adjoining area, the cattery store-room,  whenever I opened the gate to enter the cattery.  He loved his ‘freedom time’ in the cattery store room.  During his last month with us, he was losing weight. He had grown thin and was not eating much.  Before taking him to my home, he was given a drip at the vet as he was very dyhydrated.  I am glad that he could be cared for in my home before he passed on just over a week later.  He died peacefully in the living room.  I could tell the end was near and stayed with him till he took his last breath.  I am grateful.

Sandy was one of 4 puppies who were abandoned outside the shelter. She was bitten by the bigger strays outside the shelter and was taken to the vet to have the wound stitched.  She was cared for in my home and her wound healed completely..  A of day after the stitches were removed, she had a fever.  She was given medication by the vet and the fever did subside, but a night later she had convulsions.  At 2.30am she had another convulsion. more severe.  She died in my arms.  All of Sandy’s siblings have been adopted .. the last one, Billie Jean (BJ), by my cousin, just a week ago. My cousin had also adopted Whitney (renamed Georgy Girl) from the shelter 2 years ago.  With BJ, there are now 3 dogs and 1 puppy in her home.  Whitney and BJ are extremely lucky & blessed to be in a loving home.

Frank together with his sibling Honeybun and mom, Mimi were my first cat rescue 15 years ago.  I was never a cat person.  They changed my heart towards cats completely and I’ll always be grateful to them.  Frank had looked like he may pass away during the hungry ghost month. I told him it would be good if he could hold on till after that month.  He did, bless him.Sophie’s death was very unexpected.  She died of unknown causes on Thursday, 10 Oct.  I was shocked when the worker informd me when I arrived at the shelter that morning.  It was only a few days earlier when I had taken a pix of her with Kalu (another pup) and BJ.  The pups were playing with her.  They had looked good together.  Sophie had somehow got out of the shelter the night before.  The worker said he looked for her in the morning when he realised that she was not in the shelter. He found her lying dead by the side of the lane.  I am glad I went to the shelter that morning.  We carried Sophie back and buried her next to Sandy.  Sophie’s departure was a reminder again not to be complacent … we can depart this world when its least expected.  I had actually thought of Sophie a couple of day earlier when I was watching ‘The Dog Whisperer’ on Astro.  There was a dog who looked like Sophie.  Sophie immediately came to mind and I smiled  .. ahhh ..Sophie aka Chewbakka from Star Wars!  Imm had rescued Sophie many years ago from a furniture factory in Bercham. When the factory moved out, she was left behind.

To Citta, Frank, Sandy and Sophie ..may you all be in a better plane of existence, may you find rebirth as wise beings with kind, generous and compassionate hearts.

Last but not least, our furry friends convey heartfelt thanks to all our Oct donors – Sau Yee, Yvonne & Conrad, Ping, Kok Khee Wee, and my friend’s son who wish to remain anonymous.  Also, Alicia Tan who arrangd for us to receive 10 x 3kg bags of dog kibbles, 20 cans of dog food & 20 cans of cat  food from ISPCA food bank.

Expenses for the month were higher than average mainly due to vet treatment forWindy (dog) who had to be operated for rectal prolapse, and Timmy (cat) who had severe jaundice.  The prognosis was not good for both of them but miraculously they recovered.  Both are well and up and about.. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our October donors,  the month’s operating expenses (details below) were fully covered by their donations.

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