Application for medical claims: Please produce relevant photographs

To all applicants for medical claims: We wish to draw your attention to the following clause in our policy, effective from 14th December 2013. From today until Friday (13th December 2013), if you have already sent in an application without photos of your animal being on drips or having certain procedures administered by the vet (for the purpose of claiming for hospitalisation), please write in to

Please note that we do NOT subsidise the BOARDING of the animal at the clinic.

*Boarding refers to keeping the animal at the clinic when the animal can already be discharged and nursed from home. In the case of hospitalisation due to the animal being on drips or requiring procedures that can only be done by a vet, please produce photo evidence of these procedures. In such cases, please ensure such procedures are itemised on the receipt.

We retain sole discretion to decide if hospitalisation will be subsidised. 

Why we advise against (extended) boarding

REASON 1: So that your animal will not be exposed to diseases, if any, in the clinic environment.  

REASON 2: Your animal, once declared fit to be discharged, is better off being fostered by you at home.  Many clinics do not have 24 hours monitoring.  

REASON 3: The boarding space at the clinic is meant for sick animals.  We should be considerate and not deprive a sick animal of the needed hospitalisation.  

If you are not able to foster the animal yourself, please make the necessary arrangements with a fosterer.  

In the case of bigtime rescuers who are unable to foster the animal at home, if you wish to continue boarding the animal at the clinic, we regret we will not be able to subsidise such boarding.

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