A sporo journey with Thong-c and Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn

Sporotrichosis is a very long journey. In some cases, it takes a few months; in others, it may even take up to almost a year. And yet, in some cases, after recovery, a relapse can happen and this is not uncommon.

It takes patience, perseverance and never giving up on the animal because we are all he/she has.

If you are interested in adopting Thong-C, please contact Dr Veeranoot at nissapat@gmail.com.

Here’s Dr Veeranoot’s sharing:

RE:  Sporotrichosis-a Journey of Good Hope

Dear Sis Chan,


It has been more than 6 months since Thong-C undergone both specific for antifungal and antibiotic (for secondary infection) treatment and supportive care. It really amazes to see on how Thong-C copes with her illness which is considered as not only serious but also contagious conditions.

After discharged from the clinic, the first 2 months (June-July) was such a crucial stage that she needed more attention. I ordered a whole set of medication (antifungal-itraconazole*-tablet) and antibiotic based on veterinarian practice in Thailand for her. It is surprising that Thong-C responded well to treatment of more than a month and then getting worse by showing more lesions on her skin, this incidence was observed toward the end of July.

Thong-C was then sent to the hospital and the vet recommended to change the medication to Sporanox** and also increased the doses to half a capsule twice a day based on veterinarian practice in Australia for severe case of sporotrichosis. I was then hesitating to give such recommended doses due to its well-known of side effects in general and live impairment in particular. The vet also suggested giving Oxygenase (spray) to relief her difficulty in breathing.

Thong-C was therefore sent to the other vet for the 2nd opinion. The vet was briefed on her on-going medication.  The vet then recommended Sporanox, 1/3 of a capsule once a day based on her weight. During these continued 2 months (August-September) period, it was very hard time for Thong-C because of the spreading of fungus to not only on the skin (nose, ear, both sides of her body and paws) but also inside her nostril and most likely to her lung. It is disheartening to see her difficulty in breathing throughout days and nights. Based on this prescription of nearly a month, Thong-C was not seemed to be better; the vet then increased the dose to ¼ of a capsule twice a day ever since September. By October, Thong-C has shown signs of much improvement by reducing the number of lesions, her breathing returns to normal. During the last two weeks in November, Thong-C was then sent to the clinic for boarding; the vet was really happy to see her and jokingly said that it is unbelievable to see her normal self again.

At last, Thong-C pulls herself through thick and thin in this difficult time of her life. It is such a happy moment to see Thong-C happily dashes around at my place with supervision. In line with preventive measure, Thong-C also continues her prophylactic of Sporanox, ¼ of a capsule twice a day till mid-January, 2014.

Of more than 6 months duration, Thong-C has also been given other supplements to sustain her body in combating both infection and drug regimen used. For the first 4 months of her illness, Thong-C was strictly given vetri DMG*** twice/trice a day, Liv52 for liver booster, AD foods for more protein twice a day through forced-fed syringe, given beside her own dry foods and stayed comfortably inside her 2 units of bungalow with precaution. It is incredible that Thong-C is very cooperative throughout the whole period. The vet confirmed that stray animals are always grateful to any helps for their needs particularly during their illnesses.

In my entire life, this is the first ever case that I myself have a chance to go through the process of recovery in a critical ill animal in such a long period of time. Definitely, it needs hard work and commitment but it is a REWARDING experience!!! Moving along with AnimalCare, I have an opportunity to look after felines with cerebellar hypoplasia (Thong-loeng-a CH cat), Eosinophilic granuloma (Thong-dam), FeLV (The late Kwanchai) and Sporotrichosis (Thong-C).

*Itraconazole (tablet) has been used for treating feline sporotrichosis and the response of the drug depends on individual.

**Sporanox can be purchased from a local pharmacy (Unicare, Oldtown) with a reason of treating feline sporotrichosis.

***vetri DMG (purchasing online) is pretty good enough for immune booster in severe case of sporotrichosis (based on this experience and after consulting the vet).

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr Tan Thiam Khoon and Dr Wong Chooi Thing, Klinik Haiwan & Surgeri Wawasan, Puchong for their invaluable advices on this case. If anyone is interested to adopt Thong-C, please contact me through e-mail.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Sukhi Hotu!


mini-In June-July


mini-In Setember


mini-In October


mini-In October2


mini-In early November


mini-In November


5 comments to A sporo journey with Thong-c and Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn

  • kelly

    Thanks for the sharing Dr.Veeranoot .

  • Rohaya

    Dr, my cat Tiger one day came back bleeding due to a tear on the left ear. After feeding he left and two days later came back with a wound for being bitten (I assumed) by a dog. Next day took hi to the Vet. He has since been boarded for 6 days. The vet told us that he has Sporo and the bitten leg has since been cleaned with very good condition although we could see some parts of the bone exposed.

    We dont have any experience dealing with sick cats and normally goes to the Vet for any matters.

    The problem now is we are told that Tiger is developing this sporo very fast its all over the nose, eye area and I presumed the wounded ear is also full of this sporo. There are suggestion to put him to sleep. but I can’t accept this. On the other hand I dont have the capabilities of taking care of him as there are 7 other cats at home which we attend to.

    All these cats came as stray and stayed on as we keep feeding and attending to their needs when sick. However, 3 of them were adopted including Tiger.

    What do I do, I’m sad and inexperience.

    Given the time left, we have not decided to put him to sleep as yet.

  • mazlia

    Dear dr,
    My cat name Abu had sporotrichosis…and its so..so..bad.. send to veteriner here in muar..but the condition are not so good..one side looks improving…but another side of Abu’s body getting worse..the sore become more bigger…seriusly, i’m so frustating with it..but after i read about thonsg c.. i think that i need to be strong to treat Abu.. i hope Abu will getting better…tomorrow is Abu second check up for his progress..