Food sponsorship for the Kluang community dogs (Tan Mei Lian’s)

We have fully sponsored RM464.95 worth of dogfood for the Kluang dogs looked after by Tan Mei Lian. This sponsorship comes from the AnimalCare Donors.

Mei Lian feeds approximately 78 dogs and puppies in the Kluang area. She endeavours to get as many as possible of the dogs spayed-neutered and we have been subsidising all her cases since June 2013. Most of her claims are for the spaying of female dogs. If anyone is interested in helping Mei Lian with dogfood sponsorship next year, her contact is However, this arrangement will be strictly between the donor and Mei Lian.

From: Tan Mei Lian
Date: Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 1:39 AM
To: “” <>

Dear Dr.Chan,
Here are the photos:
tan mei lian food dec 12
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