3-legged male cat for URGENT adoption – Adopter FOUND! (Bandar Puteri Vet, Puchong)

Updates at 12.30pm: We have found an adopter!! What a blessed day this is! The adopter will contact the clinic directly and make the necessary arrangements.

The original post:

Bandar Puteri Vet (03-80621038) is looking for an adopter for an elderly male cat who has a nerve problem on his front leg. The clinic’s client brought in this rescued cat to seek medical assistance. The vet found that the cat has a nerve problem which cannot be repaired and the cat would just drag himself on this leg leading to ulceration. Hence, the treatment is to have this front leg amputated. However, the client is not able to adopt this cat (she has other cats) and should no adopter be found, the client would have the cat put down as a 3-legged cat cannot be released.

According to the vet, this male cat is friendly but not young (judging by his teeth). If anyone is interested to adopt this cat and give him a chance at life, the vet will do the amputation and have him neutered as well. The vet hopes a home can be found for this cat as he is very friendly. Due to being 3-legged, he has to be kept indoors.

If you are able to help, please contact Bandar Puteri Vet (03-80621038) as soon as possible.

IMG-20131221-WA0002 IMG-20131221-WA0003

 The leg has not been amputated yet as the vet is waiting for an adopter.

The cost of the amputation will be borne by the client and the vet will also neuter the cat.

Please call Bandar Puteri Vet if you are able to help; please state “the 3-legged cat”.

Kindly forward this link.

Let’s find him a home!

Thank you!

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