Ginger (Day 6) and Timmy Tales

Ginger’s appetite has returned and in fact, he’s making up for lost time – he keeps asking for food!


Ginger is eating his wetfood again, but he will ask for (expect to be given) Royal Canin kibbles.


What about me?


The trouble is, Daffodil takes a very long time to finish her food, so poor you have to be caged until then.

So I let Timmy out, but he has to be restrained.

mini-PC210246 mini-PC210247

Like so.


Me good boy, me wants food. Like, maybe, Royal Canin?


Daffodil finishing the last bits.


Ginger doesn’t go up to his rooftop hideaway anymore now that he is well.


 Outside, Willy has heard about Royal Canin kibbles as well, so he wants that too.

I wonder what I’m going to do with one large pack of Equilibrio. Nobody wants it anymore now.

Poor Willy is now chased by Stormtrooper Vincent. So when I go out to feed Willy, I have to take the water-gun along. This photo above was taken yesterday afternoon when it rained quite heavily. Willy sat in the rain waiting for his food. So I had to hold an umbrella over him so that he could eat without getting wet.

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