Spaying sponsorship for Dory, rescued female dog (Ng Ai Ling’s)

We have fully sponsored RM150 for the spaying of Dory. This sponsorship comes from the AnimalCare Donors (RM50) and Berjaya Cares (RM100).

From: Eileen Ng
Date: Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 10:20 PM
Subject: Spaying subsidy for Dory
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

hi Dr Chan

    I would like to seek spaying subsidy for Dory. She is estimated to be about 6 months old. I met her about 3 weeks ago while visiting a dog that i had rehomed at Sunway. I was leaving the place as she was walking back to a house where she was seeking shelter. She came right to me when i called and was very gentle. I didnt have the heart to leave her wandering on the street and was also worried that she would come on heat soon. So she is now at a foster home.
     My friend helped sent her in for spaying on Monday, along with another of my rescued dog. Sorry i was sick and didn’t manage to email you earlier on this. I will sponsor the spaying of the other female and just seek subsidy for Dory.
     Dory is very alert and seems to have been trained. She knows sit and give paw, and is an excellent watchdog. At the same time, she is gentle and very good with people and most other dogs. Will also do her toilet during walks. Very steady and easy to manage pup. Hope she finds a home soon.
thanks n cheers
Eileen Ng
mini-dory at foster mini-dory post surgery

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