Bobby, the 3-legged elderly cat, in his forever home!


Sometimes, we get really lucky and miracles happen!

This elderly male cat was rescued by a client of Bandar Puteri Vet and she brought the cat to the clinic. The cat was found to have an irreversible nerve problem in his front leg which required amputation in order to save his life. But the cat was old (practically had no more teeth) and it would be very hard to find a home for him.

The vet asked if we would be able to find an adopter for the cat and if so, he would neuter him and do the amputation. Otherwise, his rescuer’s instruction was to have him euthanised as she had her own cats and could not adopt him either.

We advertised, and one of our readers responded!

The amputation and neutering have already been done and Bobby (his new name) is now in his forever home, forever safe and forever loved!

Here are some photos sent by his adopter this morning.

Bobby1 bobby2 Bobby3



Have a great life, Bobby!

And thank you so much to the kind-hearted adopter and everyone who has helped Bobby.


6 comments to Bobby, the 3-legged elderly cat, in his forever home!

  • jasmine ong

    Dear kind-hearted adopter,

    News like this makes my day. Tears came to my eyes when I read this. May you always be blessed for your big heart and giving Bobby a new lease of life. Have a good and happy life now Bobby, you are in the good hands of an angel. And of course, not forgetting all who has helped Bobby in his journey. May all of you be well and happy.

  • Norely Abd Rahman

    What great news on a Friday afternoon! Bless the kind hearted adopter!

  • Wong Yoke Mei

    wow… so nice… he gets a private balcony with a fabulous view!….

  • Bern

    Thank you kind adopter. Blessings be upon you and the family.

  • sometime miracle do happen and we’re so happy for Bobby!!!
    enjoy your new life brofur…

    BoBo Salem
    The Meow Meow Family