23 canvas bags for a good cause – for the teenagers and the animals!

One of AnimalCare’s very first supporters, Ho Yuen Foon, ordered 23 canvas bags to be given to her Sunday School teenagers in an effort to encourage them to use canvas bags instead of plastic bags.

A good start for them!

Normally, Yuen Foon would purchase our tshirts for her class at the beginning of every year, but this year, she thought canvas bags would be good for a change. Teenagers outgrow their clothes but a canvas bag lasts for decades and can be passed on to the next person.

Canvas bags are useful and lasting gifts.

Mum was game to sew the 23 bags since the teenagers and the animals will benefit. Yuen Foon has given a generous donation to AnimalCare for these bags. Thank you very much!

Here are the 23 bags: On the left is the front design (with the yellow label) and on the right is the back.

Every bag is unique.


Dora the Explorer


Hello Kitty!

mini-3 mini-4

Doraemon and Dorami


Gangnam Style!



mini-7 mini-8 mini-9

Teddy Bear Galore!


Aeroplanes (for the boys)


An applique car


For the dog-lover!

All the yellow labels are handwritten.


Your 23 bags are ready for collection, Yuen Foon.

Thank you very much!


It took several weeks to sew these bags.

At the end of the day, it’s all for the animals!

Thank you very much, Mum!

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