Red and pink for Chinese New Year!

The classic colours for Chinese New Year attire – you cannot go wrong with red and pink!

We have (limited) stock of our red and pink tshirts, so if you’d like to get a gift of a friend, do take a look and see if these tshirts are suitable. All proceeds to go our Fund for the animals!

The tshirts are RM25 each. Fully combed cotton material.

red and pink 1

This red and pink design was contributed by Ms Honey Khor. It’s an original Chinese brush painting, specially dedicated to AnimalCare. Ms Honey Khor is wearing our red tshirt in the top left photo above.

Sizes available:

Pink : Child 28, Ladies 34, Ladies 38, Ladies 40.

Red: Child 28, Ladies 34, Ladies 42, Sports 36, Sports 38, Sports 40, Sports 42.

The sizes refer to the chest circumference. For a good fit, measure your chest circumference and add 2 inches to it. That would be your size.

Other designs:

Please write in to check stock availability before banking in payment.

Thank you very much for your support!


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