The Patio-8


Furthest to the right is….Willy!!

But he did not come in by himself. We brought him in.


Still under maximum protection, of course.


Keeping two at bay – the greedy one and the bully.

Note: Greedy One has finished his food. I don’t think he even chews.

mini-P1170364 mini-P1170366

And the stormtrooper too, of course.


Can I make an announcement? I have finished my food!!

Can anyone hear me out there? I have finished my food!!

That means, you either let me out OR you give me more food, get it? 


Willy is done and off he goes.

He is a little bow-legged.


But some things do not have to be fixed, of course.

mini-P1170375 mini-P1170376

At his safe spot.

mini-P1170378 mini-P1170379

Any way of getting through to this guy?

Well, the water-gun talks and he listens to it, so that’s good enough, I suppose.

Mr Zurik also doesn’t go “home” anymore these days, but stays at the patio, or comes into the house and makes himself totally at home by sleeping on the table or watching me sew.

The Russian is in.

3 comments to The Patio-8

  • Chen

    Yay! An important Willy milestone. A whole lot safer for you during feeding time.

    And Timmy glaring from his red litter box never fails to crack me up. Added with the announcement caption – it’s totally funny.

  • jasmine ong

    “Keeping two at bay – the greedy one and the bully”… hahahaha… I had a good chuckle over the “greedy one” caption. Timmy does has an annoying habit but it’s really funny the way you write about him 🙂

    Happy to see Willy is more confident to stay in your house’s compound for meals now, thanks to his bodyguards (yourself and your husband).

  • Mr Timmy!!! youre so full of….err..muscles!!
    he he he…