Willy is back!!!

Willy came back for dinner this evening!!

When I was serving dinner at the patio, he came running towards us from the garbage compartment.


He looked scared, so I brought his dinner out to the wooden bench.

mini-P1280510 mini-P1280511

The rest were eating at the patio.


Don’t worry, Willy. You are under protection.


He was scared of something and he fled to the garbage compartment.


I brought his food there for him to finish.


Mr Zurik went after him.


Willy jumped up for safety.


Blech! He he he…

mini-P1280526Stromtrooper Vincent just watched.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Cats…they have their own stories. We can only interpret from what we see, but they perceive the world very differently from us and we cannot apply our human values or viewpoint on the situations they face.

Good nutrition, safety, shelter, protection, lots of love and care – that’s what we can provide, as best as we can.

But am really glad Willy is back.

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