Now they are good friends

Anytime is a good time to bury the hatchet, shake hands and be friends…


You see that notch in Cow’s left ear?

He got that in a back alley fight in our old neighbourhood. Came back at midnight one night with a bloody and torn ear and gave us such a fright! The vet said she might have to amputate his ear if the wound didn’t heal on its own…luckily it did. Did Cow lose in that fight? He looked pretty banged up when he came back that night. But we didn’t see the other cat, so we won’t know.

Bunny and Cow were warriors back in our old neighbourhood. Now, living in Bunny’s Place, they have no intruders to fight with, so sometimes they fight amongst themselves. Once a warrior, always a warrior? You’d understand why my titan-cats have to be confined. If they were allowed to roam freely…there will be no patio cats.


Now, Tiger…he is as gentle a a lamb and he does NOT get into any fight at all. If attacked, he would just close his eyes and stand still. But a few weeks ago, Cow attacked Tiger and Tiger landed up with puncture wounds and a fever. Luckily and despite being FIV+, Tiger’s wounds healed quickly.

mini-20140129_010010Tiger says: Forgive.  It doesn’t erase their crime but why should you do the time? 

Now, that’s wisdom, isn’t it?

Be good, Cow….please? There’s no excuse nor reason to behave crankily just because your name is “Cow”!

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