“Lion Dance”, anyone?

‘Tis the season of the Lion Dance, and we had our very own version at home this morning…


This is the first lion…


Then comes the second lion…


And the performance heightens!


After a few rounds, it got a little out of control (well, lions will be lions, right?) and we had to intervene….


The champion.

mini-P1290477The runner-up!

CaptureThis was another lion dance outside in the garden yesterday – between Vincent and Mr Zurik.

And also another in Bunny’s Place which was quite “magnificent” in all its feline splendour as it sent fur flying…between Cow & Bunny! But as in all lion dances, it was just a performance and nobody got hurt (thank goodness!).

2 comments to “Lion Dance”, anyone?

  • Maneki Neko

    Lucky you! Lion dances throughout the year, regardless of season, and with no need to go out and battle traffic and crowds. And lions with stripes no less! Wishing everyone at MyAnimalCare a most blessed lunar new year, and may this Year of the Horse bring you all much strength and grace.

    • chankahyein

      Hi Maneki, And we too wish you and your furry ones all the best in everything in this Year of the Horse! Good health, peace and harmony!